Lana Del Rey Boyfriend 2022 | Is Lana and Clayton Still Dating in 2022?

It seems that award-winning singer and songwriter Lana Del Rey never experiences summertime sadness thanks to her very active love life.

She constantly has someone by her side, although it may not necessarily be the same person every time. 

How Lana Del Rey and Clayton Johnson met?
Lana Del Rey by Drown Soda licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

With that said, inquiring minds want to know who’s the current dating partner of Lana Del Rey. As far as some of you may know, she recently made tabloids when her engagement to beau Clayton Johnson was announced.

Are they going to carry on until marriage or has she already found someone else to keep her company? We’ll find out shortly. But first, let us reminisce about their wonderful relationship starting from the very beginning.

Lana Del Rey and Clayton Johnson: How They Met

In the age of technology, finding love online is not unheard of anymore. In fact, it has become the norm. This is exactly what happened between Lana Del Rey and Clayton Johnson.

According to Los Angeles Times, the two most likely met via a dating app called Raya. Celebrities and high-profile individuals often use this app due to it being a more private and exclusive platform than Tinder or any other dating apps. Reports also show that only 8% of applications sent to join the dating app are accepted. 

If that is true, that makes sense why Lana would end up matching with Clayton. Just like her, he’s also a professional singer.

He started off by making song covers with his brothers and uploading them on YouTube under the channel name The Johnsons. Ever since they disbanded, Clayton has been doing some modeling gigs and continued working on his music career. 

Lana’s Engagement With Clayton

It’s worth noting that they never actually explicitly confirmed their romance. Instead, they let their fans and the whole world know by posting pictures of each other on Instagram.

Clayton also left a thirsty comment on a video which said, ‘I wish I was that card’, referring to the playing card Lana held between her lips. Things were pretty much obvious from that point forward.

But what probably surprised Lana’s fans the most was the big, shiny ring on their idol’s ring finger just months into her relationship with Clayton.

It was first spotted in a Halloween photo of the pair donning matching Wizard of Oz costumes, where Lana held up a peace sign to the camera and made the ring completely visible.

This immediately sparked engagement rumors, but people were quick to dismiss it, saying it’s far too soon for Lana to get engaged with the man he’s only dated for months.

But then she kept wearing the same ring over, and over, and over again. It was then that her fans concluded that Lana was already engaged to Clayton. 

The Break-Up: Lana Del Rey and Clayton Johnson Call It Quits

Almost a year after the engagement rumors, news broke out that Lana Del Rey and Clayton Johnson have split up. It can be recalled that Lana deleted all her social media accounts a month before. She even posted this message to her millions of followers before the deactivation:

I just wanted to let you know that tomorrow we are going to be deactivating our social media accounts, my social media accounts. That is simply because I have so many other interests and other jobs I’m doing that require privacy and transparency. I’m still very present and love what I do. I’m absolutely out here for the music and that I’m also just going on some different endeavors.”

Meanwhile, Clayton also deleted pictures of him and Lana together off of his Instagram account. If anything, this is the strongest indication that things have ended between the two.

Both Lana and Clayton have remained silent about their break-up – which is totally understandable. They deserve respect, understanding, and privacy during this period of their life. We do hope that it’s not too late for a Clayton and Lana collab, though!

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