Lana Del Rey Net Worth 2022 | Why is Lana Del Rey So Rich?

There’s been a shortage of Lana Del Rey content lately following her seemingly permanent exit from social media and hiatus from singing and songwriting.

But while she may no longer be in the picture of the most brightest pop stars in the industry (see Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo), Lana does not have to worry about running low on cash any time soon.

How rich is Lana Del Rey? Let's know about her net worth.
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Her success during the prime years of her career has been enough to make her a millionaire. According to reports, Lana Del Rey’s net worth was around $12million last 2014. Fast forward to today, that number has gone up to $30million. 

If you’re curious to know how Lana managed to grow her wealth that quickly, let’s take a look at how much she earned from her tours, albums, and other ventures.

Lana Del Rey Album Sales

Lana’s success story was just like your typical “it all started from a small garage” type of story. She first dipped her toes into the industry when she was just 20 years old by registering a CD of self-composed tracks to the U.S. Copyright Office.

Sadly, it was never released. It did not sway young Lana from pursuing her dreams, though, as a few years later, her original songs Video Games and Blue Jeans

blew up in YouTube, with 288 million views and 319 million views respectively.

For reference, Business Insider reports that one million views on the streaming platform could equate to $3,400 to $40,000. That’s a hefty pay-out for Lana, indeed. 

So far, Lana has released eight highly-successful studio albums. Here’s how much sales each album generated:

  • Born To Die (2012) – 6.4million sales
  • Ultraviolence (2014) – 1.4million sales
  • Lust For Life (2017) – 878 thousand sales
  • Honeymoon (2015) – 670 thousand sales
  • Normal F***** Rockwell (2019) – 623 thousand sales
  • Paradise (2012) – 157 thousand sales
  • Chemtrails Over The Country Club (2021) – 60 thousand sales
  • Blue Banisters (2021) – 19 thousand sales

Lana Del Rey Album Sales details.
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Her debut album, Born To Die, reportedly made around $3,000,000 in gross revenue according to reports. That accounts for 10% of Lana’s estimated net worth. Now, where does she get the rest of her fortune from? 

Lana Del Rey’s Tour Profits

Just like any other artists, their main source of income comes from touring. Take a look at how much each of her tour made:

  • Born To Die Tour (2011) – $5million
  • Paradise Tour (2013) – $40million
  • The Endless Summer Tour (2015) – $6million
  • Festival Tour (2016) – $2million
  • LA to the Moon Tour (2018) – $22million
  • The Norman F****** Rockwell Tour (2019) – $2million

Of course, these are just rough estimates. But if we do the math based on these figures, we can conclude that Lana Del Rey made around $77million from her tours alone.

Again, this doesn’t mean that every single dollar off of that multi-million revenue is going straight into Lana’s bank account. Nevertheless, it’s still a pretty impressive profit. Lana must have taken home at least a few million dollars from that.

How much Lana Del Rey’ make from Tour Profits?
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Is Lana Del Rey Also An Actress?

Given the cinematography of her music videos, it may come as no surprise to some of you that Lana Del Rey has also branched out into the world of acting. It’s more of a gig than a full-time profession, though. Here are some of the movies and television shows Lana has worked in:

  • Poolside (2010)
  • Tropico (2013)
  • Taratata (2011)
  • Buenas Noches y Buenafuente (2012)

Sadly, it is unknown how much Lana has made from her roles in these projects. But given her popularity, we can only assume that she was paid a thousand bucks. 

With Lana’s $30million fortune, who can ever experience summertime sadness, right? It wouldn’t be surprising if she bought herself another extremely pricey designer bag. She earned that money, after all!

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