What’s Leonardo Dicaprio Educational Background? Did He Go To College?

It is no question that Leonardo Dicaprio is one of the most esteemed actors in the industry. His dedication to perfecting his craft as well as his ability to embody whatever character he is asked to play have earned him a spot in the big leagues.

Now, as many of you may already know, most of the biggest stars in Hollywood did not finish their education. This prompted many to wonder whether or not Leo is another case of a ‘successful college dropout’.

Leonardo Dicaprio education, Leonardo Dicaprio degrees. Did Leonardo Dicaprio passed collage?
Leonardo DiCaprio By Siebbi Licensed Under CC BY 3.0

Without further ado, let us take a look at Leonardo DiCaprio’s educational background and why he decided to quit studying.

What Elementary School Did Leonardo DiCaprio Attend?

As a young child, Leo grew up in a middle-class family. That is why he felt overjoyed upon learning that he had been granted a scholarship to attend a private school in Beverly Hills, California called Seeds Elementary School (currently known as UCLA Lab School).

It was there that young DiCaprio learned about the lavish lifestyle of the upper class – one that he and his family had not been able to enjoy.

He was basically Jack Dawson during that point of his life. But instead of being bitter, it seems that DiCaprio appreciated the environment that the school offered:

It was like this little Garden of Eden. There was a park and kids were playing in the sunshine and everything was multicultural, everything was peaceful, every religion and race and attitude was respected equally.”

What's Leonardo Dicaprio's education background? Is he collage dropout?
Leonardo Dicaprio By Colin Chou Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

As posted on the UCLA Lab School website, promoting a safe space for students from diverse backgrounds is their top mission:

We are dedicated to addressing the needs of children from diverse backgrounds. We value teaching and learning environments that honor each child’s natural joy of learning. We encourage creativity and support a disciplined approach to intellectual inquiry.”

What School Did Leonardo DiCaprio Attend In High School?

After finishing his primary years, Leo found himself unable to afford to go to private high schools. Hence, he had no other choice but to attend a public university called Los Angeles Center for Enriches Studies to obtain his preparatory secondary education. He studied there for four years before transferring to John Marshall High School.

Unfortunately, Leo never got the chance to get his high school diploma as he dropped out after his junior year. After that, he never went back to school. That means that Leonardo DiCaprio does not have a college degree as he never finished his high school education.

Why Did Leonardo DiCaprio Stop Going to School?

Leonardo Dicaprio's education history, Is Leonardo Dicaprio graduate?
Leonardo DiCaprio
by Thore Siebrands Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

According to Leo himself, he got slapped in the face by the harsh reality of public schools so hard that it made him decide to drop out:

When I went back to the public school system, it was like – boom – this is reality. I got beat up the day I arrived because I had the attitude of everyone living harmoniously with one another. That was the motivational thing that happened to me in my life. I was 15, and I said to my mom, ‘I want to be an actor. Please take me to auditions,’ because I had to get out of that public school system.”

As it would later turn out, Leo made the right call as he is now one of the biggest and most respected celebrities in Hollywood. As for his bullies, well, they’re probably crying in their mom’s basement knowing that they beat up Leonardo DiCaprio.

So far, Leo does not have any intentions to go finishing his studies. He has, however, established foundations dedicated to research about climate change. Just goes to show that you don’t need a college degree to have a positive impact on the world!

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