Lewis Capaldi Age, Height, Parents, Siblings, Net Worth 2022

Have you heard of the song titled Someone You Loved? The musician behind this emotional song is Lewis Capaldi. This has been his most successful single.

It has been at the top of the charts for several weeks, and it earned him two Platinum Awards in the United Kingdom. But he is also behind other beautiful music such as Before You Go and Lost On You. 

How old and tall is Lewis Capaldi? Let's know about his parents, siblings and net worth.
Lewis Capaldi by Harald Krichel licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

To know more about the artist’s fuel for his songs, we should get to know him better. Perhaps. We can talk about his age, height, parents, siblings, net worth 2022, and any other details that you may find interesting. 

So, if you love the artist and his music, why not take the time to read below as you play some of his songs in the background. 

How Old Is Lewis Capaldi?

The renowned singer was born on October 7, 1996. As of now, Lewis Capaldi’s age is 25, and he will turn a year older in a few months.

He learned how to play musical instruments such as guitar and drums when he was only two years old. His career in music started at the age of 9 by performing in pubs. When he turned 17, he committed to his music career.

How Tall Is Lewis Capaldi?

The young star stands 5 feet and 9 inches tall. Lewis Capaldi’s height is also equivalent to 175 centimeters. Furthermore, he has an average body type weighing around 67 kilograms.

How tall is Lewis Capaldi? Let's know about his height.
Lewis Capaldi by Tuomas Vitikainen licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Who Are Lewis Capaldi’s Parents?

The father of the singer is Mark Capaldi. He is working as a fishmonger. His mother is Carol Capaldi, and she is a nurse by profession.

Despite his rapid fame and stardom, the music artist still lives with his mom and dad. The happy home of the Capaldi family is located in Bathgate, Scotland. He also claimed that he has no plans for the future to leave away from his hometown.

It is very evident that he is close to his parents. In fact, he would play his new songs to his parents first to hear what they had to say before making a decision on whether or not to release them.

The singer even revealed that his parents are not impressed with his song Someone You Loved. They even told him to ditch it at first.

Who Are Lewis Capaldi’s Siblings?

The singer and his siblings belong to an average and decent family. He is not the only Capaldi kid who made it to the spotlight.

His brother, Anthony Capaldi,

also made a name in the show business as an actor. He starred on BBC. The very first role of the aspiring actor was for a short drama film entitled Haggis.

His other brother named, Warren Capaldi, also has a talent for music. He is also pursuing a career as a musician. But their sister is living a subdued life. She is a midwife by profession.

Until today, the superstar still maintained a close relationship with his siblings and the rest of his family. As mentioned earlier, he chose to live at their family home even though he could afford to be anywhere he wanted to live.

This is one of the reasons why people love him, other than his talent in music. Fame did not change him. He is still grounded as a person.

Lewis Capaldi Net Worth 2022

The net worth of the recording artist is estimated to be around 7.99 million dollars. But this amount is still under verification. The forecasted amount is mainly based on data.

His actual net worth can be higher than 7.99 million dollars. Considering that he has other revenue sources, it can go up to 11.19 million dollars.

It’s A Wrap!

You have finally gotten to know the artist better. We just told you Lewis Capaldi’s age, height, parents, siblings, and net worth 2022, but if we missed something, let us know.

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