Liam Payne Girlfriend 2022 | Is Liam Still Dating Maya Henry in 2022?

For sure, you are one of those people who are not sure if Liam Payne has a girlfriend or not. Don’t you worry, my friends. You will find out later on as you delve into this article deeper. Who cannot resist the handsome English singer, right? 

Well, to cut to the chase and to save you guy’s a lot of time, we have compiled a whole relationship timeline of the young artist and his girlfriend. 

Who's Liam Payne Girlfriend and dating partner?
Liam Payne by vagueonthehow licensed under CC BY 2.0

We hope that this article will answer your question: Is Liam still dating Maya Henry in 2022? Without further ado, let’s start!

The Relationship Blossoms

In order to make things clear to you, here’s the answer to your question about whether or not Liam is still dating Maya Henry. Yes, he still is, and here’s a timeline that will help you out. Let’s start from the very top!

It started in August 2018 when both individuals were first seen together. But people became confused since the young singer was also seen with the famous model Cairo Dwerk a few days later. 

Yet, things picked up pace in August 2019 when Liam and Maya were seen holding each other’s hands, leaving a London NightClub.

Liam Payne and his girlfriend  Maya Henry's relationship timeline in 2022.
Liam Payne
by Ashley Newby licensed under CC BY 2.0

Later in September 2019, the couple went Instagram official; the One Direction singer posted a photo of him with his girlfriend Maya Henry cozying up with him on a couch. 

In the same month, the young songwriter gave an interview and spoke about his relationship with Maya. If we take a look at Maya’s Instagram and specifically October 2019 posts, the couple can be seen sharing a smooch.

The couple made their first red carpet appearance during the British Fashion awards in 2019.

The Love Flourished

In early 2020, rumors circulated that the handsome singer and his beautiful girlfriend were calling it quits. But the duo negated these rumors by sharing their pictures together on social media platforms. 

Later in August 2020, the music artist confirmed that he and Maya Henry were both engaged.

The Heartbreak

In January 2021, Maya Henry shared a video of lipsing and singing along to the one direction song “Heart attack”. Later the same year, the famous celebrity officially stated that they had parted ways. 

The Patch-up

Yet, there’s forever guys! They made amends with each other in October 2021. They even shared a smooch at the Ron’s Gone Wrong premiere that happened in London.

In December 2021, Maya Henry shared a picture on her Instagram showing that they were celebrating holidays together.

It’s A Wrap

Although the relationship of the most talked-about couple has seen its trials, their relationship became better.

The prominent singer and songwriter said that Maya is still her fiancé and all other news about Liam Payne’s girlfriend and dating status involving other girls is untrue and doesn’t have a shred of truth to it. 

He even revealed that they were happier than ever, and they have never been content with each other just like they are now.

The singer also added that both of them have seen darker days during COVID, and because of that, they have become stronger than ever.

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