Liam Payne Net Worth 2022 | How Rich is the One Direction Member?

You might be wondering about how rich the One Direction superstar is and also wanting to conduct thorough research to find out his assets, perhaps, his overall wealth. 

Well, folks, today is your lucky day as we have dug deep to find out the luxurious lifestyle of the much-acclaimed singer Liam Payne. In this blog post, we will cover all of that stuff; you will know about Liam Payne’s net worth in 2022!

How rich is Liam Payne? Let's know about his current net worth.
Liam Payne by Kurt Kulac licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

But before we get into it, it’s time for a bit of flashback as some of us really don’t know who the soulful vocal artist is besides being such a handsome hunk.

Liam Payne is an English singer and a songwriter with a net worth of around $60 million. He’s known for being one of the members of the world-famous English boy band One Direction. We cannot deny that their songs are still popular until now!

Background Information

The teen choice award winner wasn’t popular before 2008; he wasn’t an active part of society. It was only in that same year that he shot to fame when he made his appearance on the British reality show X-Factor.

Although he didn’t grab the top spot in the show, he made his appearance again in 2010, and he was put into the famous One Direction boy band with four other members.

Although they didn’t win the competition, and it was Liam’s second defeat, nature had other plans for him and his team. The boy band won several hearts, achieved a massive fan following, and made a fortune. Not to mention, they obtained massive commercial success.

How much net worth Liam Payne have? Let's know about Liam Payne's background.
Liam Payne by Kurt Kulac licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Yet, it’s not always a bed of roses for them. Just like in many aspects of our lives, there are things that won’t stay for long. In 2016, they parted ways, and Liam Payne put a name for himself.

Imagine, the UK-based singer has already sold around 18 million single copies in a matter of two years after his exit from One Direction.

Net Worth and Total Income

The MTV Video Music Awardee has a net worth of around $60 million. Along with earning income from his music, the songwriter also invests money in real estate and earns additional income.

The famous artist made around $200,000 when he sold his enchanting Calabasas Mansion, the least amount of money he made from any deal. 

Additionally, the young celebrity has around $10 million per annum, with a monthly payment of around $850,000. 

Other Valuable Assets

Let’s get into the details of his assets:


The solo singer follows a strict investment plan and is involved in purchasing and selling real estate and other proprietary investments. The songwriter has repeatedly sold many of his old houses in the UK and the USA, but his original home is in Brookwood, UK. 

Additionally, the solo artist sold his beautiful Calabasas Mansion for a whopping $10.2 million. The property consisted of five bedrooms and six washrooms and carried a recording studio. 

The property also boasted about a separate meditation house that added more value to the property. The house is located in the Santa Monica Mountains and was initially bought by the legendary singer for $10 million.


The UK-based singer and songwriter is a fan of exotic automobiles, and one of his most prized possessions is a Lamborghini Aventador. 

Liam Payne by vagueonthehow licensed under CC BY 2.0

The car comes with various features and flexes about its alloy wheels, along with several features. The vehicle’s cost price is around $393,000, making it a lavish and luxurious car and can move from 0 to 60 in a matter of 2.5 seconds. 

Also, it can go as far as 217 mph, and its overall looks are somewhat aesthetic and look pleasing to the eyes.


Although he flexes his watch in every photo shoot, resting on his wrists whenever he does concerts, no one exactly knows about his watch collection. 

Among his rare collection is an IWC Portugieser Monopusher Edition timepiece that carries a classic blue dial that looks quite pleasant. According to the sources, the watch is worth around $18,000, and it stands among the rarest timepieces of modern times.

It’s A Wrap!

Now, you’ve known about Liam Payne’s net worth in 2022. With all of his concerts, and given his fame and prominence, there’s no doubt why he earns big. He’s definitely handsome with an excellent voice!

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