Everything You Need To Know About Lionel Richie Ex-Wives

Lionel Richie is a pop superstar who is renowned for various iconic hits. He is currently 72 years old and has been married two times.

When the new season of the American Idol was launched in 2021, the legendary singer was one of the chosen judges for the show. 

Lionel Richie wives, How many times was Lionel Richie married?
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For today’s article, we will highlight the music icon’s marriages. This post will tell you everything you need to know about Lionel Richie’s ex-wives.

We will introduce them to you one by one so that you will know them better and how things have been between them and the singer. Furthermore, we will touch on why they chose to end the marriage. 

So, if you are interested in this matter, come along as we tell you some interesting facts about them. 

Who Are Lionel Riche’s Ex-Wives?

As mentioned earlier, the singer has been married two times. Below are details about his marriages. Keep reading!

Brenda Harvey

The music icon got married in 1975 to Brenda Harvey for the first time. Based on the reports, the couple was college sweethearts. They are both from Tuskegee University.

The two started seeing each other at the same time when the singer joined the group named Commodores. 

After their marriage, the two adopted Nicole Richie. She is at the age of 3 at that time. Her parents made that difficult decision because they could not afford to provide for her and believed that the singer and his wife could give her a better life. The adoption was finalized when their daughter was nine years old. 

Unfortunately, the marriage of the two ended with a divorce in August 1993. 

Diane Alexander 

In 1984, the singer met Diane. After two years, they are reported to be seeing each other. Some reports claim that the music artist started seeing her when he was still married to Brenda.

But others argue that the relationship was over before the singer began a new romance. It’s just that the divorce was not finalized yet. 

Brenda discovered the affair with his husband at that time in 1988. This is when she went to his apartment and saw the two of them being there. She was so angry that she even kicked him in his stomach area.

Brenda also takes out her anger on Diane after her husband left to call the police. She was even arrested for the assault she caused her husband and his woman. But she was immediately released after posting a bail of 5 thousand dollars. 

Lionel Richie and her second wife Diane Alexander married life timeline.
Lionel Riche by Raph_PH licensed under CC BY 2.0

The relationship between the singer and Diane went on. They got married in 1995. The two started a family of their own and welcomed a son even before marriage. Miles Richie was born in 1994. After four years, they welcomed a daughter. Sophia Richie was born in 1998.

After being married for seven years, they announced their split up in 2003. But their divorce was only finalized in 2004 for irreconcilable differences. The singer’s ex-wife requested spousal support amounting to 300 thousand dollars per month. Their divorce cost him a total of 20 million dollars. 

It’s A Wrap!

That’s everything you need to know about Lionel Richie’s ex-wives. After the messy split-up of the singer with his second wife, his love life often made headlines.

He is in a relationship with a model who is 40 years younger than he is. But they both seem very happy in their relationship.

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