How Old and Tall is Lisa from BLACKPINK? Who're Her Parents, Siblings

Lisa is a package of interest. She is the only singer with thousands of followers daily on Instagram. Her charming smile, charismatic voice, attractive moves, and cuter face can make anyone have a crush on her. 

Lisa by F28STAR licensed under CC BY 4.0

Each day her supporters increase, so these burning questions burn even more, “how old and tall is Lisa from BLACKPINK? Who are her parents and siblings? Here is all the authentic information about her. 

Lisa From BLACKPINK is 25 Years Old 

Pranpriya Manoban, aka Lisa from BLACKPINK, was born on 27th March 1997 in Thailand. Her birth place is Satuek distrust. So Lisa is Thai. She is the youngest of all BLACKPINK members. Rosé is only one month older than her. Her current age is 25 years old.

Lisa is 5 feet 5.75 Inches Tall 

No wonder Lisa looks pretty in any dress-like model; she is as tall as renowned models. Her height is 5 feet 5.75 inches/ 167 m. 

BLACKPINK by @K_POP_Amber licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Lisa’s Parents

Chitthip Bruschweiler, Lisa’s mother, has never disclosed who the birth father of the queen of pop is. YG Entertainment informed the media that she has a stepfather and she is with him, who is a chef.

Her step father is Marco Bruschweiler. He is Swiss by birth. It’s unknown what Lisa’s mother actually does, but she is also an influencer on Instagram. Chitthip owns 399k followers.

Lisa’s Siblings

Lisa is like Jennie, the only child of her parents. She neither has natural nor step siblings. 

Final Words 

BLACKPINK Lisa, who is the youngest in BLACKPINK, was welcomed to this world in 1997. She grew up under her birth mother and stepfather in Thailand. Lisa’s mother has this only child that today we all know as Lalisa, aka Lisa.

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