Lisa from BLACKPINK Boyfriend 2022| Is She Dating Anyone? 

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is the dream girl of many boys. Her number of followers is continuously growing, and men are curious to know if Lisa is dating anyone in 2022

Let's see who's Lisa from BLACKPINK dating in 2022?
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After analyzing her personal life and statements and going through the YG Entertainment ban, we learned about Lisa from BLACKPINK’s relationship status. So, please keep reading to know the complete history of her relationship timeline. 

Lisa’s Boyfriend in 2022 

There are speculations about Lisa’s romantic life. Her fans are also hoping for her to have a boyfriend. However, the singer is not dating anyone in 2022.

Some believe she must have had an affair with a Kpop singer secretly. But that’s just a guess of followers. Until today, BLACKPINK’s Lisa has not dated openly. 

Lisa’s Rumored Relationships

YG Entertainment applied a relationship ban on BLACKPINK members. Hence, there was never any confirmation from Lisa about having a boyfriend.

But no celebrity can stop rumors from being created and swirled on the internet. Here are three big names that were romantically added with Lisa. 

Lisa and Jungkook

Most followers of BTS and BLACKPINK believe Lisa and Jungkook are in a relationship. Verified sources say they are close friends, and this is what made fans think they like each other.

Were                                                                                    Lisa and Jungkook dating? Let's know the truth.
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But neither of them has ever confirmed being in love. Also, they keep their life private enough so no one can prove if the duo are dating. 

Lisa and V 

Another BLACKPINK and BTS fan group wishes Lisa and V to fall for each other. Based on their imaginations and close friendship, such a story was made by the followers.

But there is no evidence to support such claims. While V and Jennie were captured having personal moments, no reporter or paparazzi could take Lisa’s close-up pictures with anyone. 

Lisa and Bambam 

GOT7’s Bambam and Lisa most probably have the most vital friendship. Their enduring friendship from childhood is not the only reason why supporters think they must have deep feelings for one another, but the duo also have many things in common. 

Both singers were born and raised in Thailand, so they are Thai by birth. They are great at dancing and are more passionate about it. Also, both are the youngest in their band and were born in 1997. 

Lisa and Bambam's dating history.
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These many similarities and their closeness made the fans imagine the singers as a couple. But once again, they have no confirmation regarding having an affair. 

Lisa Would Date Anyone That Could Cook 

The beautiful singer has never declared to have a relationship, but she shared with the media the characteristics of a person she would like to date. 

Lisa said she would grow interested in any pleasant guy who is caring, older than her, someone she can always depend on and can cook. 

If someday she finds her mister perfect, we think she will make YG Entertainment allow her to date that special someone. 

Final Words 

Lisa has the most supporters among the BLACKPINK members. So more people are curious about her love life. But the media reports tell us she has always been single.

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