Lorde Boyfriend 2022| Is Lorde Still Dating Justin Warren in 2022??

The love life of celebrities is something that most people get excited about. We often want to be updated on the dating and hookups of our favourite stars.

Since you are here, you probably want to know about Lorde’s boyfriend. However, the singer and songwriter from New Zealand is someone who keeps her romantic life hidden from the public.

Who's Lorde's boyfriend and dating partner? Is she dating anyone?
Lorde by Kirk Stauffer licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Just like her music career, the singer’s love life has been exciting. Despite her efforts to keep it under wraps, she was seen a few times with her boyfriend.

You must be curious who he is. Those who have seen spotted photographs on the internet must be asking themselves now: Is Lorde still dating Justin Warren in 2022?

Let us find out about that in this post. You wouldn’t want to remain behind the latest updates so ensure to read along.

Who Is Justin Warren?

The rumoured boyfriend of the songstress is the promotions director of Universal Music Group. He has worked with many famous artists, including the songstress, Justin Bieber, and Katy Perry.

Although he is American, he is living in the singer’s homeland. This has caused some speculations about them living together, which even sparked off after they were spotted shopping together.

Justin is way older than the singer. But if you are a fan of the songstress, you know that this is not the first time she has dated someone much older than her. Remember her former boyfriend, James Lowe. He is an old man, too.

When Did The Two Meet?

The songstress signed a record deal with the label where Justin Warren was working as the promotions director in 2009. Perhaps, this is when the two met for the first time.

One of their first outings together was in 2016. It was a breakfast date near the home of the songstress. There is even a photo of them hanging out at the beach nearby.

Is Lorde Still Dating Justin Warren in 2022?

The last time we checked, the two were still together. There are even rumours of them getting married in secret. They have been spotted together a couple of times in New Zealand since 2016. But until now, they have denied their relationship.

The music executive claimed that they are good friends and they find the dating rumours ridiculous. He said that they are only together for the singer’s next record.

Is Lorde  single or dating anyone? Is she still dating Justin Warren?
Lorde by Krists Luhaers licensed under CC BY 2.0

But this was in 2016.

Up until now, they two are still spotted together in the homeland of the songstress. Some even claimed that they are living together after they are seen buying home supplies.

In 2019, the US transplant was even spotted stepping off the red carpet with a ring. This has caused a lot of raised eyebrows. They even appeared on the red carpet together. This is interpreted by fans as hints of Lorde dating the music executive.

It’s A Wrap!

When we looked up Lorde’s boyfriend 2022, there is no single article saying that they confirmed their rumoured relationship, which started early in 2016.

It has been 6 years already. Perhaps, the two want to keep it private and do not want to reveal anything about their relationship.

But who would disagree when I say that the two are amazing together. They are made for each other.

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