What's Lorde's Nationality, and Which Language Does She Speak?

Lorde was an ordinary 16-year-old girl when she turned into an international star with just one song entitled Royals. That song became a smash hit when it was released in 2013.

It has made an enormous leap that no other music has done before. The singer stands out from the rest of the pop stars. It is because of her emotional insight, social media reclusiveness, and peculiar dancing.

What Is Lorde's Nationality? Is she from New Zealand?
Lorde by Krists Luhaers licensed under CC BY 2.0

But the world, particularly her fans, were shocked when she pulled back from the limelight. After her world tour ended, she removed almost all the posts from her social media. This happened somewhere in 2018.

Despite that, her fans do not stop supporting her from afar, and many people who just heard her songs admire her. We are trying to say that she is still a star, and many are interested in knowing more about her.

That is why we are here today. We will tell you what’s Lorde’s nationality and which language she speaks. So keep reading!

What Is Lorde’s Nationality?

The noted singer was born in New Zealand, making her a citizen of that country. But she also claims to have a Croatian heritage from her mother’s side.

She has double citizenship. The singer has both New Zealand and Croatian citizenship. But with regards to nationality, she is a New Zealand national, given that it is where she was born.

Which Language Does Lorde Speak?

The pop star’s debut album, entitled Oceania, was in the Maori language. This is the native language of the singer, but she does not use this language when speaking.

Maori is the language of the Austronesian people. It is mainly spoken by the people on the northern island of New Zealand.

Please take note that Maori is not only New Zealand’s native language but also pertains to the native people of the country. When the singer released her album in the Maori language, she described this as powerful. It is also a starting point for something big.

She had several consultants when she chose to adopt the language and culture for her songs. Despite that, the album’s release has been subjected to diverse reactions both from the Indigenous community and people from across the country.

That is because she is a Non-Maori. But she only did it for the native language to survive. She used her platform to prevent the death of the language, and it is a bold move for her to do that.

Is Lorde A Maori?

Again, the singer is not Maori. Perhaps, that is why some people reacted negatively to her songs. She also does not use the language for speaking.

The singer admitted that she had very little knowledge of the Maori language.

She further explained that the language had not been a huge part of her life, and she felt guilt and sadness over this.

It’s A Wrap!

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