Let’s Introduce With Luis Miguel’s Kids and Their Mother

It is no secret that Luis Miguel is a highly respected musician. This is primarily since he’s versatile enough to switch to different genres, including pop, ballad, and jazz. Admittedly, only a few people in the history of music can pull this off – and do so excellently. 

But performing onstage in front of thousands of people isn’t the only thing that’s keeping Luis preoccupied.

A close look at Luis Miguel’s Kids and their mothers.
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As a father, he now has children to look after and raise – a totally different (and definitely more important) ballgame for Luis. 

Hence, if you’re interested to learn more about Luis Miguel and his family, keep reading!

Michelle Salas: Luis Miguel’s Firstborn

While Luis was in his prime, he met fellow singer Stephanie Salas backstage at the musical show Vaselina in 1984. So things quickly became romantic between the two that by the age of 19, Luis and Stephanie had become young parents to a daughter named Michelle.

Unfortunately, neither Stephanie nor Luis wanted to settle down together. Michelle was left in her mother’s custody while Luis slowly started losing touch with his daughter.

According to reports, Luis deliberately walked out of his daughter’s life to protect her from the media. Regardless of his intent, this led Michelle to resent her father.

In fact, Michelle even aired Luis’ dirty laundry during a televised interview. Here’s what Stephanie said about Luis as a father to their daughter:

He was present, and our relationship was beautiful and intense, but I was always sure that his priority was his career, his albums and his concerts.”

This revelation quickly captured the media’s attention, ultimately paving the way for Luis and Michelle to reconcile. 

But things got ugly once more when Michelle started dating Luis’ manager Alejandro Asensi. To this day, Luis’ relationship with his firstborn remains complicated. 

Miguel Gallego Arambula: Luis Miguel’s Second Child

Luis Miguel and Aracely Arambula were among the most talked about couples in the early 2000s. Many loved seeing them together as they both looked gorgeous and talented.

In 2006, the duo announced that they were expecting their first child together. It was also rumored that they held a secret marriage in the same year. 

And on New Year’s day in 2007, Aracely gave birth to Miguel Gallego Arambula. Once again, Luis deemed it best for his son to stay out of the spotlight.

That is why not much is known about Miguel. The only time we can get a glimpse of him is when his mother posts pictures of him on her social media accounts.

Daniel Gallego Arambula: Luis Miguel’s Third Child

A year after Luis and Aracely welcomed their first child together, they welcomed another addition to their family: Daniel Gallego Arambula. Unfortunately, while Daniel became the ray of sunshine for the family, it was not enough to save El Sol de Mexico’s marriage with Aracely. The couple divorced shortly after Daniel was born. 

Just like his older brother, Daniel keeps a very low profile. However, Aracely disclosed that it was her children who actually preferred to stay away from the media:

My children don’t want to appear publicly, and when they say ‘no’ to me, I have to respect their decision. They are also minors.”

So, now you know everything about Luis Miguel’s children and baby mamas! Let us know your thoughts about his relationships with his kids in the comment section below!

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