Macklemore Net Worth 2022| How Rich is the Rapper?

The American hip-hop icon in the rap industry and RNB rapper who is renowned for his music ‘Can’t Hold Us, None other than he was born with a name Benjamin Hammond Haggerty.

Though he is familiar with his stage name Macklemore, he is one of the young competitors and prominent Hip Hop, Rap artists.

How rich is Macklemore? How much net does he have?
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Not to point out, he is the nearest buddy of notable record producer Ryan Lewis, and the pair have combinedly released many hit songs.

Further, Macklemore has dedicated over two decades to his music career. However, since 2000 The noted Rapper has released his mixtape, solo songs, EPs, and four music albums.

The artist’s hard work makes him a speculator who has supported transforming and re-shape in the world and increased his net worth day by day. As of 2022, Macklemore’s net Worth is relatively $32 million. 

Quick Facts

Stage Name:???kl?m?r? 
R??l N?m? ??n??m?n ??mm?nd ??gg?rt?
??rth D?t?:19 ?un? 1983
?g?:38 ???r? ?ld
??rth ?l???:??nt, W??h?ngt?n, Un?t?d ?t?t??
??r?t?l ?t?tu? ??rr??d
W?f? N?m??r???? D?v?? 
?h?ldr?nY?? (??l?tt? ???l? ??gg?rt?, ?l??n? ?v? ??m?n? ??gg?rt?)
???ght1.79 m
W??ght:74 kg
?r?f?????n:?m?r???n r????r ?nd ??ngwr?t?r
Source of Wealth:Professional Rap Musician and investment in other businesses.
Net Worth in 2022:$30 m?ll??n
Last Updated:
??nu?r? 2022

Early Life

On the 19th of June, 1983, Benjamin Hammond Haggerty was born in Seattle. The Rapper’s father’s name is Bill Haggerty, and his mother’s name is Julie Schott.

Macklemore grew up with his brother Tim in Seattle out of the two boys. Macklemore belongs to Irish heritage, and at the age of 6, he first arrived at hip-hop songs when he was 6 years old.

While at 15, EP singer Macklemore wrote his lyrics. Hence, he attended Garfield High School, where he formed a hip-hop group called Elevated Elements with different students. Later, in 2009, The Singer completed his graduation from The Evergreen State College.  

??r??n?l L?f?

Macklemore performed hardly in his music career; and intensely worked to overcome various addictions, preventing himself from comeback for drugs and alcohol in 2008.

The great artist was pure and sober until he quickly deteriorated in 2011 and resisted the addictions that risk derails his life.

After dating for seven years in 2013, Macklemore got engaged with ?r???? D?v??, and the couple got married in 2015 at the same year they blessed by their first child. 


In 2000, Macklemore started his career with the ‘Open Your Eyes’ EP, where he broadcasted himself.

A few years later, in 2005, his debut album ‘The Language of My World’ was released, and from her, he earned him a substantial local following. In Seattle in 2008, The Star performed at Bumbershoot, a familiar art and music festival.

In 2009, Macklemore and his fellow friend Ryan Lewis collaborated, and, the same year, they released the ‘Irish Celebration.’

The duo singers released ‘Thrift Shop’ the same year, which reached No.1 on the US Billboard Hot 100. In 2016, their second album, ‘This Unruly Mess I’ve Made,’ and from that album, the song ‘Can’t Hold Us,’ reached No.1.

The Rapper raps on drug addiction and alcoholism, and later in 2017, the duo stopped their collaboration to concentrate on their solo careers.

As of 2022, Macklemore’s net Worth is evaluated at $32 million.

???kl?m?r? N?t W?rth

At very young, ???kl?m?r? started his rap scene and successfully made ? name for himself. Through, with several albums in partnership and solo as of January 2022, the Rapper created ? Net Worth of $32 million by his hard-working in the music industry.

From his, he was a talented child but got inattentive because of substance misuse in the mid. However, he returned on track and started his music career after a few times, surprisingly to his well-wishers.

Besides this, the singer funded in different businesses, including the Soccer club.

Source of Wealth

Macklemore’s wealth arrives almost totally from his work and his exceptional talent. Alongside his music career, he earns passive income from different businesses and owns the Major League Soccer Club, the Seattle Sounders FC.

Final Verdict 

???kl?m?r? beside in his music career, he is renowned as a Professor Mack Lemore. Hence, he is familiar with his rap songs delivered via mixtapes, albums, and EP’s.

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