Mariah Carey Boyfriend 2022| Who Is Mariah Carey Dating In 2022??

Who doesn’t know Mariah Carey? The voice behind iconic songs We Belong Together, Always Be My Baby, and Hero.

The songbird supreme has been in the music industry for more than thirty years already. It is not new to her to receive platinum awards and to have sold-out shows. 

Who's Mariah Carey's present Boyfriend and dating partner?
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Since she is the spotlight for too long, people have been inquisitive about everything in her life. Some would ask: who is Mariah Carey dating in 2022? The love life of the soulful singer has been bumpy throughout her career. 

Stay put and learn everything about Mariah Carey boyfriend 2022. We will provide you with the exciting details you ought to know. So much has been said. Let us get started!

Who is Mariah Carey Dating In 2022?

The current lover of the songbird is Bryan Tanaka. They have been together since 2017. Bryan Tanaka is a dancer and a choreographer. Although they seem to be on and off, they continuously prove that their relationship is strong. 

Mariah Carey’s boyfriend is younger than she is by more than 10 years. But despite the age gap, the two are still happily dating even until now. Some have spotted the two with their twins having a family time out. 

How Did The Two Meet?

Mariah Carey and her boyfriend had met way before their relationship became romantic. In one of the singer’s tours in 2006, Bryan was one of her backup dancers. When they started dating, many people were not aware of their relationship since they kept it private. 

It was in 2016 when Bryan Tanaka was linked to the famous singer. But as I have said, they know each other way before that time.

How did Mariah Carey meet her present boyfriend Bryan Tanaka?
Mariah Carey By WBLS Licensed under CC BY 3.0

Since Bryan worked as Mariah Carey’s backup dance, he continued working with her on her tours. There is even a rumor that Carey’s ex was jealous of her choreographer, especially when she performed a lap dance to Bryan onstage in one tour. 

How The Romance Started Between Them?

Based on some speculations, the romance between Tanaka and Carey started even before the singer’s engagement with Packer was ended. But this remained speculation since none of them confirmed this. 

In 2016, the two are spotted together having a good time on the singer’s jet. It is said that Tanaka has been the support and comfort of the singer after her breakup with her fianc√©. After that time, they have been showing off their togetherness in Hawaii beach but still no confirmation of their relationship until 2017. 

Even though the singer told the press multiple times that she is uncomfortable sharing her personal life, it does not stop the people from remaining updated about their relationship.

Based on some reports, the two separated in April 2017, but they were together after a month. They were even spotted dating in different restaurants. From May to June, many photos of them were posted on Instagram. 

Mariah Carey’s boyfriend was not shy about having a relationship with a famous singer older than him. He would even post a tribute on his Instagram about telling the world how he loves and supports the songstress with all his heart. Tanaka would say that he witnessed how the singer wrote, recorded, and created her memoir. 

Tanaka also claimed that he has always admired the singer in one interview. He was lucky enough that eventually, their admiration became mutual when they figured out and recognized the connection. 

Are They Still Together?

The couple is still in love with each other after almost being together. In fact, they continue to flaunt their love through social media posts.

They would have photos of dining at a restaurant, chilling by the beach, flying to other countries, and celebrating the holidays together. 

It’s A Wrap!

Now you get to know Mariah Carey’s boyfriend 2022 in the name of Bryan Tanaka. The primary connection of the two is their equal love for performing, music, and spending time together with Mariah Carey’s kids. Tanaka once told the Songbird Supreme that she inspires him all the time. 

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