Matt Stonie Girlfriend 2022| Who is Matt Stonie Dating?

Matt Stonie is a young American YouTube sensation who gains millions of views just by eating food! Sounds crazy, right? But nothing is crazy in the 21st century anymore. His fast-eating style will take you in awe.

More importantly, his physique does not make it seem like this guy can chug in 10 liters of milk in a minute, for example! Not only is he a Youtube sensation, but he also has won a few food-eating championships, both nationally and globally.

A close look at Matt Stonie Girlfriend and dating partner.
Matt Stonie by Atomicred licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

The star has a mostly young fan following who always wants to dig into his dating life. For those curious followers of Matt Stonie, we have brought this article where we will be sharing all the insights about Matt Stonie’s girlfriend (if there is any) and dating life. Keep following below to know more. 

Who is Matt Stonie’s Girlfriend in 2022?

In Major League Eating, Matt Stonie is a fourth-ranked competitive eater. He was born on the 24th of May, 1992, in San Jose, California, USA. As of 2022, then 29 years old competitive eater and YouTuber is single and not dating anyone.

We haven’t found any traces of his girlfriend in a very long time. The youtube star also does not talk much about his personal life, and he minds his business only. In addition, unlike many famous celebrities, Stonie has never been the victim of false rumors with any alleged girlfriends.

The eight world-recording holding eater was also not previously engaged or even married to anyone. 

Who has Matt Stonie dated in the past?   

As mentioned before, the second-best MLE in the world title-earner is hideous and private about his private life. He hardly shares any glimpse of his private life on his Youtube channel or Instagram.

According to some data gathered, Matt Stonie is said to have had one relationship in the past with a girl called Mei. They are assumed to have been in a relationship since 2014, although it is not confirmed from both sides.

Mei and Stonie share ‘friendly’ pictures of them on Instagram and wish each other on Valentine’s day. Moreover, they are also seen spending holidays together with Stonie’s family.

Well, it might be possible that they are best friends or more than friends until the competitive eater confirms anything from his side.

Final Thought

So this is all we had to tell about Matt Stonie’s dating life. Actually, there was nothing spicy to tell, as you would know from other celebrities’ dating life.

Whatever it is, we are constantly searching for any new update from the world competitive eater’s relationship with Mei.

Since it has been more than seven years of Mei’s suspicious friendship with him without any declaration or cozy picture together, so fans are wondering there is nothing more to their friendship.

So what if they wished each other on Valentine’s day? Can’t friends wish each other like that? Unless they confirm anything, it will be foolish to assume them to be girlfriend and boyfriend.

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