Matt Stonie’s Wife, Parents, Nationality, Net Worth 2022

In Major League Eating, Matt Stonie is a fourth-ranked competitive eater. He also has a Youtube channel with over 13 million followers, where he shares his extreme eating videos for entertainment purposes.

Other than that, he has won many national and international accolades in many competitive eating championships. Stonie has a huge fan following from his Youtube channel only. The Youtube star’s fans want to know about his personal life.

Here are the details of Matt Stonie’s Wife, Parents, Nationality, and Net Worth.
Matt Stonie by Atomicred licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

For those followers of Matt Stonie, we have brought this article where we will be sharing some personal information about him, such as Matt Stonie’s wife, parents, nationality, and net worth.

We have gathered the information very tediously as the star hardly shares anything about his private life. Keep reading to know more.

Who is Matt Stonie’s Wife?

The 29 years old California-born competitive eater and YouTuber is not married to anyone yet; therefore, he does not have a wife.

He has also not been engaged to anyone in the past. Due to lack of information, we are not sure if he is even dating anyone currently or not.

However, Stonie is assumed to have had one relationship in the past with a Chinese-American girl called Mei. Matt and Mei have been seen together since 2014 in a friendly

way. We can’ tell if they are romantically involved or not, as it is not confirmed from both sides. 

Who are Matt Stonie’s Parents?

Matthew Kie Stonie or Matt Stonie was born on the 24th of May, 1992, in San Jose, California, to parents Dorian Stonie and Cathie Stonie. Matt has always been candid about the support and motivation that he got from his parents.

Like Matt, his parents are very strict about their personal life confidentiality and do not share much about themselves. Therefore, we can’t say anything about their profession. Stonie’s father, Dorian, has a Facebook account that has been inactive since 2017.

Apart from Matt, Dorian and Cathie have one more son named Morgan Stonie, whom we see pretty much in most Youtube videos of Matt behind the scenes.  

What is Matt Stonie’s Nationality?

Matt Stonie’s nationality is American, as he was born and raised in the USA. However, his ethnicity is different, where his genes hold half Japanese and half European descent. The 29 years old competitive eater and YouTuberis multiracial with British-Irish, Japanese, Czech and Lithuanian ancestry.

As mentioned earlier, he rarely speaks about his personal life, so it is hard to tell which one of his parents is of what descent. Since Matt grew up in the USA, so his accent is purely American, but his facial features will remind you of Japan. Similarly, his brother Morgan also has American nationality and an accent. 

What is Matt Stonie’s Net Worth in 2022?

So you might be wondering what Matt Stonie’s current net worth with millions of views on his Youtube channel is?

The 29 years old competitive eater’s estimated net worth in 2022 is 8 million dollars.

Although he might have earned numerous accolades in competitive eating shows, but a chunk of his income comes from his Youtube videos. Stonie posts regular videos there and has millions of views.

From a quick estimation of his channel, we calculated that his daily earning from a single video with 1.5 million views is around 12 thousand dollars from Google Ads.  

Final Thought

So this is all we had to tell about Matt Stonie’s personal life. We hope you got to know your favorite youtube star a bit personally now! In the future, we hope to have any updated information about him. 

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