Meg Donnelly Boyfriend 2022| Is She Dating Milo Manheim?

The third episode of Zombies was released by Disney. Since its release, fans have been eager to learn more about its cast members. One of the cast is Meg Donnelly. Her portrayal of Addison, the cheerleader in the show, has earned her so many fans. 

Dating rumors about the adorable actress have been on social media and the internet. The artist has previously confirmed her relationship with Noah Zulfikar.

Who's Meg Donnelly presently dating? Who's her boyfriend now?
Meg Donnelly by Walt Disney Television licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Recently, however, her relationship status changed. She is rumored to be dating her co-star. Questions like: Is she dating Milo Manheim have been all over the internet. 

People know that she and Milo were a couple in the film, so they are drying to see if he is also Meg Donnelly boyfriend 2022. Read below, and you will find out. 

Is She Dating Milo Manheim?

The third episode of the Zombies shows rumors about the two prominent roles dating. It has always been one of the people’s speculations, but it has gotten stronger these past few weeks. People believe that Milo extends as the artist’s boyfriend in real life. 

If you have watched the movie, you know that the two are playing as a couple with a twisted relationship. Due to their chemistry, fans wanted to believe that they have developing romance off-screen.

This speculation grew stronger after releasing the movie’s poster of the two of them holding hands. The two posted the same photo on Instagram to promote the film.

Is Meg Donnelly Dating Milo Manheim? Let's know about her relationship timeline 2022.
Meg Donnelly by Walt Disney Television licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Although we have said the photo was the same, it was also different. On the actor’s account, he said it was something momentous for him. It even has a heart in the end. 

When they were interviewed by Hollywood Life, the two stated how lucky they are to get along well. They are, in fact, best friends. The actor says they are like a family on the set, and he loves everyone who is a part of it. He finds himself lucky to be a part of the dream team. 

After that interview, it was clear to many that the two starts were not dating off-screen. Their romance is only on-screen. Beyond that, they are good friends. 

Who Is Meg Donnelly Boyfriend 2022?

If the actress is not dating her co-star, who is her boyfriend in 2022? Based on the reports, she has a romantic relationship with her co-star in Zombies 2, Noah Zulfikar.

Noah is a booming actor. He is also a bred dancer. He was featured in the movie also as a dancer. He is also recognized for his role as Kingston. 

We have no idea how the couple met since there is no news about it. But they seem to start hitting off behind the set. Since they became close on the set, the two became inseparable. On the Instagram of the actor, there are many photos of him and his girl. 

When Did They Start Dating?

In August of 2019, it was confirmed by the actor that he is Meg Donnelly boyfriend. After that post, he continuously posted photos of them as a couple. The actress also confirmed it later on in an interview. 

It’s A Wrap!

So, you already discovered that Meg Donnelly boyfriend 2022 is not Milo Manheim but Noah Zulficar.

The talented actress seems happy in their relationship, and Milo is her best friend. There is no romance between them.

We should wish her happiness both in her career and love life. Know this too: Lady Gaga Boyfriend 2022| Who’s Lady Gaga Dating?

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