Michael Strahan’s Age, Height, Children, Parents, Siblings

Michael Strahan is a retired NFL player who sported the defensive end as an NFL player for the New York Giants. Apart from Strahan’s football profession, he is notable as a media personality.

In addition, it deemed him an excellent talk show broadcaster and won two Daytime Emmy Awards underneath his name. It glorified Strahan for his charismatic nature and philanthropic character.

Everything about Michael Strahan’s Age, Height, Children, Parents, and Siblings.
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Regardless, after two failed marriages and a queue of dating rumors, his love life has fascinated many fans. Here, we will try to include authentic information about Michael Strahan’s Age, Height, Children, Parents, Siblings.

Michael Strahan Interesting Facts

Michael Anthony Strahan was the born name of Michael Strahan. The former NFL player was born on November 21, 1971, in Houston, Texas.

In his professional life, he was an American media personality, correspondent, and former professional American NFL player.

The former athlete is the youngest of six children in his family. In Germany, he was married to his first wife, Wanda Hutchins, until 1996.

In his love life, a Romantic GMA star has married twice and had a relationship five times. His first wife was Wanda Hutchins, and his second wife was Jean Muggli; later on, Strahan became engaged to Nicole Mitchell, but it was not going on too much.

He shot a commercial advocating allowing same-sex marriage in New York in June 2011. According to reports, Kayla Quick is Strahan’s girlfriend.

How Old Is Michael Strahan’s? (Age)

The NFL Players named Michael Anthony Strahan, whose nickname is Michael Strahan, were born on November 21, 1971, in Houston, Texas. His Zodiac sign is Sagittarius. As of 2022, he will turn 51 years old. 

The GMA star was the youngest of six children. Hence, he completed a satisfactory life in Mannheim, Germany. While there, his father, Gene, an Army major, determined the family at the age of the host, 9 years old.

As an outcome, the young Micheal played very short, standardized football. A passionate weightlifter, he grew into powerful sufficiently that his father expected he could accumulate a college football scholarship, while it sent Strahan to get along with his uncle.

How Tall Is Michael Strahan’s Height?

An NFL player has a handsome and decent height which is in feet 6.5 inches and 196c.m. and in meter 1.96m. A former player was a dominant and very strong weight with 116kg and 256 in-lb pounds.

Strahan has an impressive look with his intense wide black eyes and fabulous black hair. Though his body structure looks so powerful, the measurement is 46-36-36. A host shoe size is 8 (US).

How Many Children Michael Strahan’s Have?

With his first wife, Wanda Hutchins, the NFL Athlete blessed by has two children. In 1992, the couple tied the knot either earlier or right after marriage and gave birth to their first child Tanita Strahan.

Put the tattoo on Tanita Strahan’s arm in German, and she was supposed to be born in 1991. The former couple was also gifted by a son named Michael Anthony Strahan, Jr., born in 1995.

Michael Junior lives in New York City and just completed his graduation from Texas Southern University, likewise his old man. Regardless, the couple split in 1996.

The morning show host encountered his second wife, Jean Muggli, in 1999, in her spa. They gifted two lovely twin daughters who were born in December 2004.

 Nevertheless, the couple separated in 2006, and Jean fetched $15 million in compensation on the lid of an $18,000 monthly kid subsidy.

Who Are Michael Strahan’s Parents?

Here’s more, a former NFL player for the New York Giants. Strahan’s father’s name was Gene Strahan. Similarly, He was an Army Major and a well-known boxer. Sadly, because of health and disease, his father just departed in 2020. Louise Strahan was the mother oMichael Strahan.

In 1957, Louise and Gene had connected the knot. Moreover, they passed their married life over 6 decades. Likewise, the couple has 6 children in their married life.

Although the GMA star Michael carried his sorrow through social media by sharing his father’s demise. Also, he was very near to his dad. Similarly, the burial is planned to be maintained on September 5, 2020.

Louise’s Net Worth is being reviewed for now. However, the celebrity mother is a resident of Houston, Texas, and lifted all of her kids there. Correspondingly, her nationality is black.

How Many Siblings Does Michael Strahan Have?

Michael Strahan belongs to a large family from super-close-knit family and has five siblings. He is one of six children born in the family.

And even though Michael is in his family, his parents did not ignore his talents as an athlete and, finally. Out of the 5 siblings, we know only three sisters Sandra Strahan, Debra Diana Strahan, and brother Christopher Strahan.

Many celebrity fans didn’t realize that the reality made the hurt worse; his older sister, Debra, had died earlier. For ten years, Debra was Michael’s senior and admiringly comprehended as Ms. Dee according to her necrology. 

At the age of 58, she died and had devoted herself to church life from the tender age of twelve.


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