Everything About Natalie Portman's Education, College, Degrees

Natalie Portman is a gorgeous American filmmaker and actress. She is a Golden Globe and Academy Award-winning actress and has established herself among the most outstanding and adaptable actors in the entertainment business.

This American actress of Israeli ancestry has starred in some of the most popular and well-regarded movies. She became well-known after appearing in the “Star Wars” movie franchise.

Everything About Natalie Portman's Education, College, Degrees.
Natalie Portman by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Are you interested in knowing about Natalie Portman’s education, college, and degree? As you further delve into this article, you will learn about the stunning actress’s educational background.

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Natalie Portman’s Educational History 

Many people want to know about the famous actress edition college and degree. The answer is here. The talented film star attended the Jewish Day School Charles E. Smith in Washington, D.C., and the Solomon Schechter Day School in Glen Cove, New York. From Syosset High School in Syosset, Long Island, she received her diploma in 1999.

The actress has always given her academics her full attention. She missed the Star Wars series, one of her first big-budget movies, to focus on her high school final examinations. Her commitment to her studies continued after high school.

The filmmaker earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Harvard University

in 2003. Later, she went to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for graduate study. 

Let's see Natalie Portman's Educational History.
Natalie Portman by LG?? licensed under CC BY 2.0

In the spring of 2004, the superstar actress enrolled in graduate programs at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She was a guest speaker at a Columbia University seminar on terrorism and counterterrorism in March 2006, during which she discussed her movie V for Vendetta.

The artist has studied French, Japanese, German, and Arabic. She has stated a lifelong interest in learning multiple languages.

It’s A Wrap!

We are delighted to know that you have learned the answer to everything about Natalie Portman’s education, college, and degree.

Her educational background is crystal clear, and we hope you have enjoyed this post. The actress earned her degree in Psychology from Harvard University in 2003.

She always paid attention to her studies while entering the film industry and skipped some film offers to complete her degree. See, her dedication to her studies should be an inspiration to us all.

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