Nicole Scherzinger Age, Height, Kids, Husband, Parents, Siblings

Whether you know Nicole Scherzinger from her role as the frontwoman of the girl group Pussycat Dolls or for being the sexiest judge in The X Factor, it is no question that Nicole is one of the most influential and successful female stars of her time.

We mean, there was a time when every person in the world couldn’t get the chorus of Jai Ho out of their mind!

Everything you need to know about Nicole Scherzinger Age, Height, Kids, Husband, Parents, Siblings.
Nicole Scherzinger By Peter Cruise licensed under CC BY 2.0

While she may not have the same level of influence as she did during her prime years, Nicole is still doing relatively well in the industry.

In fact, the songwriter recently teased a new album to her fans – something that her loyal supporters have been deprived of for years. And we honestly cannot be more excited to hear what Nicole has in store for us this year!

Of course, one could hardly enjoy and appreciate an artist’s work when they know little about their background like her age, height, kids, husband, parents and siblings details. So, why don’t we acquaint ourselves with all the personal details about Nicole Scherzinger while we wait for her album to drop? 

How Old Is Nicole Scherzinger?

Nicole Prescovia Elikolani Valiente Scherzinger is currently 43 years old and will be turning 44 this June 29. It definitely feels like it was just yesterday when Nicole rocked the world as the lead singer of the band Pussycat Dolls. She was 27 years old when the group became a worldwide sensation – feel old yet? 

In her 43rd birthday, Nicole’s long-time beau Thom Evans posted a lovely birthday greeting via Instagram which read:

I hope your birthday was as beautiful and full of love as you are @nicolescherzinger. I love you so much.”

Nicole’s birthday last year was a blast, indeed. According to reports, she celebrated the special occasion with Thom at Lake Como in Italy. We can only assume that her birthday this year will be just as sweet and romantic!

How Tall is Nicole Scherzinger?

Given her slender build, Nicole has often been put in the “tall women” list. Her long heels definitely helped give her that appearance, too. But the numbers don’t lie – and according to some reports, Nicole is approximately 5ft5 tall or 165.1cm.

How Tall is Nicole Scherzinger? Let's know about her height.
Nicole Scherzinger by Andre Jalapit licensed under CC BY 3.0

What’s funny is that Nicole herself has mixed up the figures sometimes. In one interview, she revealed that she was 5ft6. And in another interview, Nicole claimed that she’s 5ft5. 

Does Nicole Scherzinger Have Kids and a Husband?

As of the writing of this sentence, Nicole does not have a husband nor any children. Although rumors say that Nicole came very close to marriage, as she was allegedly engaged with F1 racer Lewis Hamilton.

Likewise, Nicole also briefly dated Nick Cannon once upon a time – and we all know how Nick Cannon loves making babies. He just didn’t have one with Nicole. 

However, it seems that Nicole is ready to settle down and start a family with her boyfriend Thom Evans. An insider revealed that she and Thom are just waiting for the right timing.

Well, we say that it’s about time for these two love birds to get married and have children already! Just imagine how good-looking their kids will be, though. They will make the world go crazy.

Lewis Hamilton was previously connected with Nicole Scherzinger.
Lewis Hamilton by Show do Esporte licensed under CC BY 3.0

Who Are Nicole Scherzinger’s Parents and Siblings?

Nicole grew up in a multicultural family. Her mother, Rosemary Elikolani, was Hawaiian-Ukrainian. She taught Nicole everything she needed to know about Hawaiian culture. 

I grew up in a family where my grandmother sang and always played the ukelele. My mother was a hula dancer, but we didn’t have the means or the money to help put me through classes or be taught any lessons. I learned hula dancing at a young age. My mother always taught me to be graceful.”

On the other hand, Alfonso Valiente, Nicole’s biological dad, never got to be a big part in Nicole’s childhood as he left them when Nicole was only 2 years old.

Despite that, the singer claims to hold no grudge against her father since she understood “the situation around my birth and how young both my parents had been.” 

Meanwhile, Nicole has admitted that she considers her step-father Gary Scherzinger as her real dad. Gary was there for her when she needed a father figure and provided her all the love and support she didn’t get from her biological dad. 

This could also be the case for Nicole’s younger sister, Keala Scherzinger. Keala shares the same parents as Nicole and was also adopted by Gary when he married their mom.

The two sisters have maintained a very close relationship with each other. They recently went out for a vacation on the beach with their other close friends and loved ones. 

So, there you have it! Now you know Nicole Scherzinger’s age, height, kids, husband, parents, and siblings. If there’s anything you’d like for us to add, please post a comment below!

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