Nicole Scherzinger Boyfriend 2022| Is She Still Dating Thom Evans?

Nicole Scherzinger has wooed the world with her charm and voice. She’s made many men wish that their girlfriend was as hot as her. Nicole was the ultimate It Girl, so to speak, and so many guys and girls were chasing after her. 

Indeed, the demand to be Nicole’s lover is so high that her dating history is mostly comprised of A-list celebrities: from Nick Cannon to Lewis Hamilton.

Who's Nicole Scherzinger's boyfriend and dating partner?
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After all, you’ve got to have a VIP ticket to a classy girl’s heart. And as for a woman as successful and plush as Nicole, you’ve got to bring her something special in order to win her heart. 

Recently, we’ve learned that a Scottish rugby player who goes by the name Thom Evans has scored a goal into Nicole’s heart.

Today, many are wondering if the two are still seeing each other or if the game is finally over. To answer those questions, let’s take a deep dive into the pair’s relationship over the years.

Nicole Scherzinger and Thom Evans: How Their Love Story Started

The couple first met in 2019, when Thom auditioned for the celebrity edition of The X Factor UK while Nicole worked as a judge for the show.

On one occasion, Nicole couldn’t help but gush over the rugby player after he took off his shirt and got drenched in the rain while singing the song Boom by The Ambassadors. From then on, it was obvious that the two had something between them.

While the show came to an end, Thom and Nicole continued to see each other. They made their relationship official to the public by appearing side-by-side on the red carpet during the 2020 Golden Globe Awards after party. 

Is Nicole Scherzinger single or dating anyone?
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Understandably, the media went wild. Many have dubbed them the ‘hottest and most talented couple’ in the industry, and many fans showered them with love and support. 

Nicole and Thom Are Quarantine Buddies

Not even a global pandemic could separate the two love birds. It seems that the lockdowns afforded them the opportunity to spend more time together at home.

Nicole’s Instagram is filled with many wholesome videos of the couple just working out, making TikToks, and serenading each other. And yes, your hunch is right: Nicole and Thom live under the same roof in their LA mansion.

Of course, the two took advantage of the loosening quarantine protocols by traveling around the world. Nicole and Thom also go out for simple late-night dates, too. This goes to show that as long as they have each other, that’s all that matters to them – and honestly, we can’t help but feel jealous of their wonderful relationship!

Are Nicole Scherzinger And Thom Evans Still Together?

There have been rumors floating around that Nicole and Thom have officially split – the good news is, those are just rumors. Thom and Nicole’s two-year relationship is still going strong.

In fact, an insider of the couple recently shared that they’ve been thinking of taking things to the next level!

Nicole and Thom are extremely loved-up. They’re thinking about starting a family and, because of Nicole’s age, they want to start soon. She knows that time is ticking. They’re desperate for a baby – Thom even more so. He has always wanted to be a dad and he would love nothing more than to have children as he’s from a very close family himself. He loves kids and he’d be a great dad, but he wants to do it the right way. He’s very traditional and he ideally would like to get married first.”

On the month of their 2nd year anniversary, Nicole has spoken up about starting a family with Thom as well:

He’s my man… the man of my dreams. I definitely want kids, at the right time. It is all about timing. It’s kind of hard now because I’m supposed to be touring next year, so it’s just about timing. I’ve always wanted a family.”

The pressure is real for Thom to put a ring on Nicole’s finger – and it’s only getting heavier. Fans are restless to see Thom and Nicole get engaged. In fact, they recently flooded Thom’s Instagram post with calls for an engagement after he greeted Nicole a happy birthday. One fan wrote:

Thommy it’s her birthday… the best present would be a [ring].”

We would love to see Nicole and Thom finally settle down and have their own family – they deserve it! How about you? Do you think things will end happily ever after for the couple? Write your thoughts in the comment section below!

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