What Ethnicity and Nationality is Nicole Scherzinger?

Nicole Scherzinger is no stranger to plurality in her life. She’s a woman of many talents and has also worked alongside five (and often more) girls in the pop group Pussycat Dolls. As for her race, Nicole is also biracial. 

Given her tan appearance and European-sounding surname, Nicole has left many in a guessing game as to what her ethnic heritage may be.

Here is the details of Nicole Scherzinger's nationality and ethnicity.
Nicole Scherzinger by petercruise licensed under CC BY 2.0

Some claim that the Jai Ho singer could be of Indian descent, while others have assumed that she may have Slavic blood. 

Fortunately for us, these assumptions can be easily confirmed just by looking at Nicole Scherzinger’s family ancestry. And as for her nationality, the answer is in her birth certificate. So, without further ado, let’s get to know Nicole’s ethnicity and nationality.

What is Nicole Scherzinger’s Nationality?

Nicole Scherzinger, whose birth name is Nicole Prescovia Elikolani Valiente, was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Those who may have skipped geography classes may automatically assume that Nicole’s nationality is Hawaiian – but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Hawaii, as wrongly believed by many as a country, is actually a state in the U.S. Therefore, Nicole Scherzinger’s nationality is American. 

Nicole’s mom got pregnant with her when she was only 17 years old. And when Nicole turned two, her father abandoned her. They then moved to Kentucky a few years later to start a new life with her sister, mom, and step-dad.

It was then that she started trying her luck in the entertainment industry by taking on acting roles and studying musical theater at Wright State University.

What is Nicole Scherzinger’s Nationality?
Nicole Scherzinger by Miguel Cuenca licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Today, Nicole has settled down with her boyfriend Thom Evans in their luxurious Los Angeles mansion. This goes to show that Nicole does call the U.S. her home.

What is Nicole Scherzinger’s Ethnicity

Nicole has a very interesting line of descent given how diverse her parents’ ethnic heritages are. Her father, Alfonso Valiente Jr., is a pure-blooded Filipino who hails from Batanes Islands in the Philippines.

His father was the first in their kin to be born in Hawaii, which explains their connection to the islands. Meanwhile, Nicole’s mother, Rosemary Elikalani Frederick, is a Hawaiian native and has Polish and Ukrainian roots.

Both of Rosemary’s parents are of Ukrainian descent while her dad was also half Polish. Meanwhile, Nicole’s maternal grandmother was born in Hawaii from a Russian-Ukrainian immigrant family.

With that said, here’s a brief summary of Nicole Scherzinger’s ethnic heritage:

  • Filipino (50%)
  • Ukrainian (25%)
  • Hawaiian (12.5%)
  • Polish (12.5%)

In other words, she’s got Asian, European, and American blood. Talk about diversity!

What is Nicole Scherzinger’s Ethnicity.
Nicole Scherzinger by Alison Martin
licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

By the way, if you do come across interviews of Nicole saying that she’s Filipino-Russian-Hawaiian, that does not mean that our reports are false, or that Nicole is lying. Note that Ukraine used to be a Russian territory. 

Nicole Scherzinger: A Proud Hawaiian and Filipino

In an interview with Pacific Citizen, Nicole shared the difficulties she encountered as a biracial woman trying to get into the entertainment industry:

A lot of people didn’t understand what my nationality was or what race I was. So, they were a little confused on how to cast me or what my place was. It was really confusing at first because people wanted me to be like the Puerto Rican girl, the sidekick, the Puerto Rican best friend. I’m like, ‘I’m not Puerto Rican’.”

Despite the challenges that Nicole faced, it did not make her despise her identity. In fact, Nicole embraced her ethnic heritage even tighter. Here’s everything she has done to boost Filipino-Hawaiian representation in the entertainment industry:

  • Nicole joined the cast of a Netflix series based on a Filipino comic book called Trese
  • Nicole honored her Filipino roots by singing her version of the Tagalog song Pangako
  • She performed in the Global Filipino Music Festival
  • She paid tribute to her Hawaiian roots by voicing Sina in the Disney film Moana
  • Nicole dressed in traditional Hawaiian clothing at the 2022 iHeartRadio Music Awards

Needless to say, Nicole is super proud of her Hawaiian and Filipino heritage and she will do anything to bring honor to her Hawaiian and Filipino fans all over the world.

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