Noah Schnapp Girlfriend 2022 | Who’s His Present Dating Partner?

Noah Schnapp has become one of the most popular teenage actors in the industry today thanks to his role in the Netflix series Stranger Things as Will Byers.

In the same series, Noah’s character has been confirmed to be gay and is crushing on Mike – but what about in real life? Is he gay and single, too? Or is he dating someone of the opposite sex?

Who's Noah Schnapp Girlfriend and dating partner in 2022? Is he single or dating anyone?
Noah Schnapp by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Indeed, people are getting intrigued to know more about Noah Schnapp’s love life. If you’re one of those people, get ready because we’ll be learning everything we need to know about Noah Schnapp’s dating history and present relationship!

Who Has Noah Schnapp Dated Before?

As someone who had just turned 17 years old, Noah Schnapp’s dating history is reasonably dearth of any confirmed romances. He has never officially dated anyone in public – which is understandable considering that he joined the show business at a very young age.

Nevertheless, it hasn’t stopped his fans or media from linking him to other actresses. As a result, Noah has been the center of many relationship rumors. Below is a list of all the rumored girlfriends of Noah Schnapp:

  • Sadie Sink: Fans speculated that something romantic must be going on between Stranger Things
    co-stars Sadie Sink (Max) and Noah Schnapp (Will). However, Noah denied anything of the sort during an interview stating that they are close friends.
  • Zendaya: After Noah confessed his admiration to the actress when he appeared as a guest at Jimmy Fallon’s show, the ship immediately sailed, and some people started believing that they might actually be dating. The problem is that Zendaya is already in a very happy relationship with actor Tom Holland. Hence, this might just be a case of a one-sided crush.

Who Has Noah Schnapp Dated Before? Was he dating Zendaya?
Zendaya by MTV International licensed under CC BY 3.0

  • Dixie D’Amelio: In 2020, TikTok star Charlie D’Amelio appeared in Noah’s YouTube vlog to teach the actor a few trendy dance steps. Interestingly, rumors began to circulate that Noah might be secretly dating the influencer’s sister, Dixie D’Amelio. When confronted about it during a QnA vlog, Noah denied the speculation by saying, “Nothing is going on there, we are just friends.”
  • Caroline Gregory: Relationship rumors sparked between influencer Caroline and Noah when the Stranger Things actor left a comment on one of her videos saying, “Um hi”. Caroline’s boyfriend then replied to Noah’s comment with “Oh hey Noah”, and nothing has happened between the two since then.

Of course, this list would not be complete without Millie Bobby Brown. However, due to the circumstances of their relationship, we felt it necessary to dedicate an entire section to them. See below!

Are Noah Schnapp and Millie Bobby Brown Dating?

If you follow Noah Schnapp and Millie Bobby Brown

outside of their Netflix series, you’d know that they are extremely close friends – so much so that their affinity is becoming suspicious to some people.

They often post about each other on their social media accounts, go out partying together, and even have undeniable chemistry on and off camera. 

But perhaps the most compelling thing between the two is the fact that they apparently promised to marry each other if they both end up single by the time they are in their 40s.

Are Noah Schnapp and Millie Bobby Brown Dating? Let's know the truth.
Noah Schnapp and Millie Bobby Brown by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

A commitment like that propelled their fans to believe that Noah and Millie are either in a relationship or have a crush on each other.

So, what’s the truth behind Noah Schnapp and Millie Bobby Brown’s relationship? According to Noah, he and Millie are simply best friends.

Besides, Millie is currently dating Jon Bon Jovi’s son, Jake Bongiovi. As such, it’s improbable that Noah and Millie are in a romantic relationship.

Moreover, Noah Schnapp also revealed in an interview that he is currently single. 

In a Nutshell

To sum it up, Noah Schnapp is not dating anyone as of the time of this writing. He also doesn’t have any past relationships that we know of.

However, if he is still single by the time he turns 40, he has promised to marry Stranger Things co-star Millie Bobby Brown.

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