Norah Jones’ Age, Height, Husband, Kids, Parents, Sexuality

The name Norah Jones may not be as prominent today as it was back in the early 2000s. Still, it’s something that will definitely light up people’s faces upon hearing it.

Indeed, Norah Jones was one of the very few singers who were gifted with the ability to tug our heartstrings with their music.

A close look at Norah Jones’ Age, Height, Husband, Kids, Parents, and Sexuality.
Norah Jones By Giulia Ciappa Licensed under CC BY 2.0

Her songs are nostalgic, blissful, and melancholic all at the same time – and that’s exactly why Billboard named her the top jazz artist of the 2000s. 

Now, if you’ve just discovered Norah Jones, you’re in luck because at this very moment, we’re giving you everything you need to know about her age, height, husband, kids, parents, and sexuality!

How Old is Norah Jones?

Geetali Norah Jones Shankar, most popularly known as Norah Jones, was born on March 30, 1979. This means that the Sunrise singer is 43 years old at the time of this writing. 

That’s right, folks. The young, sweet, and talented girl we all listened to in our radios back in the early 2000s is already in her 40s! Perhaps it’s finally time for us to update our mental image of Norah Jones.

Fun fact: Norah Jones has been singing ever since she was 3 years old. She already knew her melodies before she even mastered her ABCs! That just goes to show how talented she really is.

But of course, she wouldn’t have inherited that skill if it wasn’t for her legendary father and sitar master Ravi Shankar.

How Tall is Norah Jones?

The exact measurements differ from source to source, but the estimated height of Norah Jones is around 156cm or 5’1’’. Her height checks out, though, as pictures and videos of her show that she’s quite a small girl.

Unfortunately, Norah disclosed during an interview with The Guardian in 2007 that her height is actually her biggest insecurity. When asked what she disliked most about her appearance, she responded:

I am too short. I am 5ft 1in.”

We can only assume that it’s her Indian genetics that are influencing her height. According to studies, the average height of Indian women is 5ft or 152cm. At least Norah Jones is an inch taller than that!

How Tall is Norah Jones? What did she say about her height?
Norah Jones By Tejastheory Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5

Meet The Lovely Family of Norah Jones: Her Husband and Kids

Norah Jones appears to have not followed her dad’s footsteps when it comes to raising a family. For instance, she keeps the media out of her children’s lives and keeps her relationship with her husband very private.

Still, we do know some details about her adorable family that we are now going to share with you!

According to reports, Norah Jones is married to American pianist and guitarist Pete Remm. He has played for several bands, including The Cabin Down Below and The Candles.

Unfortunately, we do not know much about their relationship such as how they met and when they got married. Norah claimed that her husband likes it that way:

He likes to stay mysterious, and I’m going to let him stay mysterious. Totally his call!

Nevertheless, it’s nice to know that Norah has found her happily ever after with a man with whom she shares her passion for music – and, apparently, someone she can dance around with at the kitchen table late at night. Aww!

As for her kids, their names have never been revealed to the public. However, Norah does like sharing videos and pictures of her kids on social media.

She has a son, who is now 8 years old, and a daughter, who is now 6. If you’re going to come to see Norah during her music tours, you might catch a glimpse of her young children as she said she’ll be bringing them along with her.

Who are Norah Jones’ Parents?

If there’s anything Norah Jones is known for other than her music, it’s her parents. Her dad is a world-renowned Indian sitar player and composer, Ravi Shankar, while her mother is a concert promoter, Sue Jones.

It can be argued that Norah Jones was a product of a non-serious relationship as her parents never married. As such, Norah was left under her mother’s care, and she didn’t have any contact with her father until she was 18.

Indian great musician Ravi Shankar is the father of Norah Jones.
Ravi Shankar by Alexandra Ignatenko licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

During an interview with Vogue, the Don’t Know Why singer opened up about her relationship with her father, saying:

My father was a sweet, funny and brilliant person. I’m grateful that we had the chance to mend our relationship and got to know each other. It’s easier to shed things as you get older and start seeing your parent as a regular flawed human, without any bad intentions.”

Is Norah Jones Gay or Straight?

People love to speculate about everyone else’s gender orientation – and that’s especially true when it comes to celebrities like Norah Jones.

People have begun to question whether or not Norah Jones is straight since she has previously expressed support for the LGBTQ+ community and other left-wing political ideologies. For instance, when asked what she thinks everyone should shut up about, she answered:

Well, just anything trivial. I don’t know. People over-analyze everything… I don’t know. God. No, I didn’t mean God! Don’t print God. People should just shut up about gay marriage and let them get married already.”

Because of that, rumors about Norah Jones being gay started to intensify. This is also reflected in an online poll conducted to ask people what they think her gender orientation really is. The results are:

  • 20% think that Norah Jones is gay
  • 20% think that Norah Jones is straight
  • 60% think that Norah Jones is bisexual

So, is she straight or not? Norah has yet to comment on this subject, but we’d like to ask what you think! Share your answers in the comment section below!

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