Paris Jackson’s Bio: Age, Height, Mother, Tattoos

Paris Jackson is a worldwide name in the American entertainment industry. With her multiple talents of modeling, acting, and singing, Jackson has reached the doors of millions of hearts.

Even though she was born to a famous household as pop star Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris had her talents.

A close look at Paris Jackson’s Bio: Age, Height, Mother, Tattoos.
Paris Jackson by Paris Jackson licensed under CC BY 3.0

The little girl gained immense sympathy and love from all around the world after the heartbreaking demise of her father.

In today’s article, we will peek a little bit into Paris Jackson’s personal details, such as Paris Jackson’s Age, Height, Mother, and Tattoos. Keep reading to know more.

How Old is Paris Jackson (Age)?

Paris Michael-Katharine Jackson, the daughter of King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was born on the 3rd of April 1998 in Beverly Hills, California, USA.

So as of now, the daughter of the King of Pop is 24 years old. She was named after the name of the French capital where her parents conceived her.

Being born as the daughter of Michael Jackson, Paris was always in the media’s eyes. She and her brother, Prince Michael Jackson, grew up in Neverland Ranch, and from that time, they wore masks to hide their face from the cameras.

In an unfortunate incident, Paris’s father died when she was only 11 years old.    

How Tall is Paris Jackson (Height)?

The 24 years old model, actress, singer, and musician is 5 feet 10 inches or 178 cm tall. She has a good height and a lean physique which she has maintained over course exercise over the years.

As she is a popular screen personality, she has to take well care of her physique. Jackson currently weighs 55 kgs or 122 lbs, which is underweight compared to her massive height.

She has naturally hazel-blueish eye color and light brown hair, which she has bleached blonde. The famous daughter of the Pop King was also featured in many covers of Vogue magazine.

Who is Paris Jackson’s Mother?

Paris Jackson’s father needs no introduction in a hundred years, but who is her mother? Jackson’s mother’s name is Debbie Rowe, who is a nurse, mainly a dermatology assistant by profession.

She married the famous pop star Michael Jackson in 1996 and birthed two children with him in the following two consecutive years.

Debbie’s firstborn is Prince Michael Jackson and then Paris Jackson. The mother of two divorced her husband in 1999 over some family disputes while rejecting to take custody of her two children.

Prince and Paris were completely raised by their father and then their grandmother after Michael’s death.

When Paris was 15 years old, her mother started to keep in touch with her, and they have been close ever since. Currently, Debbie Rowe is living in Palmade, California.

Does Paris Jackson have Tattoos on Her Body?

If you have ever seen Paris Jackson on the screen, we bet you have seen some tattoos on her body part.

It is said that the 24 years old celebrity kid has over 50 tattoos inked on different parts of her body.

One of her most special tattoos is inked on her feet as ‘Applehead,’ which her late dad used to call her lovingly.

On her Instagram, Paris captioned the tattoo with ‘Every step I take, and forward my feet; you guide me forward, Love You.’

Other than this, there are tattoos of trees, elephants, plants, monkeys, peacocks, and several other symbols drawn on her body.

Final Thought

So, these were some of the glimpses from the life of the famous King of the Pop daughter, Paris Jackson.

The young girl has seen much adversity from her childhood, from not getting her mother’s love to losing her father at an early age.

All this pain is somewhere hidden behind the beautiful smile she has. We hope she keeps staying strong. 

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