Paul McCartney’s Age, Height, Wife, Kids and Siblings

Many rock fans and music lovers alike are already familiar with Sir Paul McCartney’s incredible achievements and contributions to the industry.

In fact, the Beatles wouldn’t have been able to achieve their signature style in music if it wasn’t for McCartney. On top of that, Paul also generalized the use of drugs and psychedelic substances during the songwriting process – a practice that many artists swear-by until today.

See Paul McCartney’s Age, Height, Wife, Kids and Siblings.
Paul McCartney by Jimmy Baikovicius licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Outside of his music career, how much do we know about Paul McCartney’s personal life? How old is he? Is he really the tallest Beatle? Is he married? Does he have any children? How about siblings?

If you’re curious about all that, we’ve got you covered.

How Old is Paul McCartney?

Sir James Paul McCartney was born on June 18, 1942. This means that he will be turning 80 years old this 2022. 

However, it feels like it was just yesterday when Paul first performed with his fellow Beatles. Can you believe that was over 60 years ago? Paul had just turned twenty when he and John Lennon formed the greatest rock band of the world. 

Paul’s career as a guitarist dates back even farther than that. At a young age of 15, McCartney started learning how to play the six-stringed instrument.

He would later use his new-found skill to impress John Lennon and convince him to recruit Paul into his band called The Quarrymen – the band that would later evolve into The Beatles we all know and love.

How Tall is Paul McCartney?

Paul McCartney is the tallest member of the Beatles, towering over 1.7 meters high during his younger years. Now that he’s older, Paul is a few centimeters shorter. Still, his height is above average.

Like most men, Paul can be quite defensive about his height especially when people start claiming that John Lennon is taller than him.

How Tall is Paul McCartney? What's his height?
Paul McCartney by Oli Gill licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Most of the time, Paul does look a few inches taller than the rest of his bandmates but some fans tend to dismiss it, blaming whatever footwear Paul was wearing that time. This is no serious debate though, but entertaining nonetheless. 

Paul McCartney’s Wives and Kids

So far, three lucky ladies have been able to secure a marriage certificate with Paul McCartney. The first woman that Paul ever married was Linda Eastman – an American photographer and activist.

They were married for almost 30 years before Linda sadly passed away from breast cancer. Paul and Linda raised four children together, including Linda’s daughter whom she had with her previous partner. They are:

  • Heather McCartney (59-years-old)
  • Mary McCartney (52-years-old)
  • Stella McCartney (50-years-old)
  • James McCartney (44-years-old)

Paul McCartney with his wife                                                                                    Linda McCartney.
Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney by Corwin licensed under CC BY 2.5

Four years after Linda’s death, Paul married Heather Mills. Their relationship was not as wholesome as Paul had with Linda, as the couple was hit with several controversies and family problems.

Paul’s daughter Stella was strongly against their union, which angered Heather to the point that she accused her of doing “evil, evil things” just to break things between her and her dad. Despite that, Paul and Heather welcomed a daughter together named Beatrice. 

Unfortunately, Paul and Heather’s relationship was short lived as they filed for divorce four years after their marriage. 

As of today, Paul is happily married to American businesswoman Nancy Shevell. The two allegedly met because they happened to own a house in the same area. Thankfully, Stella supports her dad’s fling this time.

Does Paul McCartney Have Siblings?

Paul McCartney is actually the eldest in their family. He has a brother, Mike McGear, and a sister, Ruth McCartney. The McCartney brothers are both musically inclined thanks to the influence of their father. 

When Paul reached stardom in the music industry, it inspired his little brother Mike to follow his footsteps – but he didn’t really want to live in his shadow. That is why Mike decided to change his surname to McGear so that no one would recognize him as merely Paul McCartney’s brother.

Now, you know all the basic details about the personal life of Sir Paul McCartney. If you wish to dive deeper,

here’s a few fun facts about the rock star that not many people know about. Go check it out!

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