Paul McCartney and His First Wife Linda McCartney’s Relationship Timeline Review

The legendary Paul McCartney is one of the many artists in the industry who had gone through a couple of marriages.

The first time he ever exchanged vows with someone was in the year 1969, and it was with American photographer and activist Linda Eastman.

The relationship timeline of Paul McCartney and His First Wife Linda McCartney.
Paul McCartney by Eddie Janssens licensed under CC BY 3.0

Together, the couple created a beautiful relationship that is still regarded by many as the greatest love story in the history of rock n’ roll. 

Today, we’re revisiting their relationship by taking a look at all the significant events that unfolded between the two love birds.

How It Started: Paul and Linda McCartney’s First Meeting

The year was 1967. Paul McCartney attended a Georgie Famie concert at a nightclub somewhere in London, clueless that his wife-to-be Linda Eastman was also there to capture some photos for a book about rock musicians. Linda’s charm managed to capture Paul’s attention, which prompted the Beatle to make a move:

I stood up just as she was passing, blocking her exit. And so I said, ‘Oh, sorry. Hi. How are you? How’re you doing?’ I introduced myself and said, ‘We’re going on to another club after this. Would you like to join us?’ That was my big pulling line! Well, I’d never used it before, of course, but it worked this time! It was a fairly slim chance, but it worked.”

Since Linda was a Beatles fan in the first place, she couldn’t resist Paul. And they ended up spending the rest of the night at Paul’s place. 

What Happened After Linda and Paul Met?

Surprisingly, nothing really happened between Linda and Paul after the night that they met. In fact, they didn’t even see each other again until two years later. 

During those two years, many things happened in the individual lives of Paul and Linda. Paul was set to marry another girl: actress Jane Asher.

They’ve been dating since 1963, and the whole world believed that they would end up being partners for life. Unfortunately, their engagement was canceled when Jane saw Paul in bed with a fan. 

This opened doors for Paul to officially pursue Linda, who had flown back to the U.S. to look after her daughter Heather.

What Happened After Linda and Paul Met?
Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney by Corwin licensed under CC BY 2.5

The same year that Paul and Jane broke up, the Beatle bassist convinced Linda to elope with him in London. They spent one year together as boyfriend and girlfriend before Paul finally decided to propose to her.

Two Years After, Paul and Linda Got Married

The two tried to keep their wedding ceremony as a secret, but details were eventually spoiled by McCartney’s loyal fans. Hundreds of people flocked to the Marylebone registry office despite the rainy weather just to witness their idols tie the knot.

However, did you know that the couple almost called off their big day? No, it wasn’t because of the crazy fans who turned up uninvited, but because Paul and Linda got into a very ugly fight hours before the wedding. Here’s what Paul said:

“You get this picture of us swanning along in a little rowboat, managing to avoid the white water, but we were right in the middle of that white water, man, so it’s even more miraculous that we made it. But we did.”

Well, we’re just glad that Paul and Linda managed to sort it out because they would have missed a very loving life together as a married couple if they didn’t.

Paul and Linda McCartney’s Married Life: What Was it Like?

After their marriage, they pretty much remained the same. Except, Paul was no longer a Beatle. That meant that Paul had to find another person to accompany him when he toured around the world – and he found no greater companion than his own wife, Linda.

She was always there for him whenever he needed a shoulder to lean on. In Paul’s own words, his time with Linda was the happiest moment of his life. She helped him get back on his feet when he spiraled down to alcoholism and panic attacks. Linda encouraged him to find his true self and to be a better person.

Indeed, they were so full of love that they basically did everything in life together. And what do you get when you make two extremely talented individuals fall in love?

A very successful rock band that would outrank Elton John in terms of chart performance is what you get. That band was called Wings, the brainchild of Linda and Paul McCartney.

Meanwhile, Paul and Linda also created a lovely family for themselves. They had two biological daughters, Mary and Stella McCartney, and one son, James McCartney.

The Tragic End of Linda and Paul’s Love Story

After 29 years of being together, Linda and Paul’s wonderful marriage ended painfully in 1998 when Linda passed away due to breast cancer – the same disease that took Paul’s mother away from him. Linda was surrounded by her family and loved ones until her very last breath.

In the following years, Paul was severely affected by her death – and understandably so, since she was the love of his life. McCartney still carries many of the lessons he learned from his late wife. In fact, she’s the reason why Paul continues to fight against animal cruelty.

Given the tremendous influence that Linda had on Paul McCartney’s life, it’s no surprise why the former Beatle would want to preserve the memory of her legacy. Last year, Paul announced that they will be releasing a cookbook inspired by Linda’s vegan recipes. Here’s what he wrote on his Instagram account:

Years ago, before anyone had woken up to the idea of environmental and health and animal welfare issues, Linda was blazing the trail with vegetarianism, telling people about it and promoting it. In the book there are family photographs and stories from those days, and of course lots of great, beautiful tasting healthy recipes… So I hope this book inspires conversations about sustainability and about modern living amongst people besides also just giving them some great recipes to eat.”

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