Pete Davidson Girlfriend 2022| Who's He Presently Dating?

Who doesn’t know the famous comedian Pete Davidson and socialite Kim Kardashian? The stars are not only prominent for their excellence in work but also for having a long list of girlfriends and boyfriends. 

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian were a couple even in the last month! So what could have happened that they are no longer together? Wondering who is Pete Davidson’s girlfriend in 2022 if it’s not Kardashian? 

Who's Pete Davidson present girlfriend and dating partner?
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The Saturday Night Live show’s famous comedian Pete Davidson is not presently dating anybody. His girlfriend in 2022 was Kim Kardashian till August. 

If you want to know how the couple met and broke up, continue reading, as we have many exciting facts to share about Davidson and Kardashian’s affair. 

Who is Pete Davidson’s Girlfriend in 2022? 

Pete Davidson’s girlfriend in 2022 was Kim Kardashian till August. The two became a strong couple after meeting again on the Saturday Night Live show in 2021.

Since then, the duo got closer, and their affair began. But the couple kept their relationship a secret until they were captured on cameras in Los Angeles while holding hands. 

They became that romantic at Knott’s Berry Farm. Davidson and Kardashian later went to Stated Island and had dinner together.

Kardashian was pretty serious about her relationship with Pete since she filed for a divorce from her ex Kanye West.

This left her fans with shocks but her friends and family with surprises.

People close to Kardashian said they were happy for her as she started to glow with Pete Davidson.

Who is Pete Davidson's Girlfriend in 2022? Who's his dating partner?
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They haven’t seen her smiling or enjoying intense moments with anyone except the American comedian. There were also many rumors regarding the relationship between the two celebrities. 

Some rumors say Pete tattooed Kim’s name on his chest. But Kardashian dismissed the rumors by speaking about them in an interview.

She said that was a rumor, and the handsome comedian didn’t have her name tattooed on his skin. Sadly, their relationship couldn’t last long. This August 2022, the couple officially broke up. 

After their breakup, the media kept pushing them to share the reason for their split. According to reports, they told the news reporters that their schedules were different and had to go through loads of work pressures.

Hence, spending time with each other became a massive challenge for the two, and the duo mutually broke up. 

Who is Pete Davidson Dating at Present? 

This August, the lovely couple Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian ended everything between them.

Who is Pete Davidson Dating at Present? Let's know about his present relationship timeline.
Pete Davidson
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Since then, the question has been swirling online, who’s Pete Davidson presently dating? He is not dating anyone right now.

The comedian just had his breakup for a busy schedule. So, it seems he is not planning to enter a new relationship shortly. 

Final Words 

Both Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson had several relationships in the past. Till now, both seem to have not found someone they would keep forever. 

But when the duo became a couple, things seemed different. They gave a forever couple vibe, especially when Kardashian decided to leave her ex, Kanye West, for Pete. 

Davidson dated Kardashian from November 2021 to August 2022. His current status is single, and if anyone enters his life sooner or later, you will get the latest reports from us.

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