Regina Hall's Boyfriend 2022| Who's Regina Presently Dating? 

The word ‘Love’ becomes Mysterio when it’s added with the Hollywood actress’s name Regina Hall. She has been working as an actress over decades and keeping her fans waiting to know whether she has a dating partner or not. 

We were asked the same question once again this year, “who is Regina Hall’s Boyfriend in 2022? Is there anyone who’s Regina presently dating?

A close look at Regina Hall's Boyfriend and dating partner.
Regina Hall by The Arsenio Hall Show licensed under CC BY 3.0

Regina is reportedly single in 2022. She didn’t verify having a boyfriend or dating anyone. Also the actress said she would like to keep things private as she thinks love is a sacred thing. 

However, Regina Hall’s name was romantically involved with many stars. Who are they? How far are the rumors true? Here’s everything you need to know about Regina Hall’s present love life and rumors. 

Regina Hall’s Boyfriend in 2022 

Regina Hall is like those actresses who doesn’t like showing her personal life to the public. Hence she kept her private life secret. There is less information about her love life. Most are rumors. Although once the actress admitted to having a boyfriend in the past. 

But the main question is who is Regina Hall dating in 2022? As said earlier, there is no valid data on that. We checked every trustable news source to find out about her present lover. She is reportedly single but may be presently dating in secret

What Does Regina Hall Think About Love? 

While most stars don’t share their love life just because they are not interested in people’s comments and judgments, Regina keeps her relationship status hidden for another shocking reason. 

The Girl’s Trip actress sees love as something sacred that shouldn’t be shared with everyone. In an interview she spoke about this matter and said, “Until you see and know what that part of your life is, inviting the public in [is off limits], but I understand people’s curiosity because I ask God ‘,who is it going to be’ as much as they do.”

What Does Regina Hall Think About Love? 
Regina Hall by The Other Side licensed under CC BY 3.0

This thought has always prevented her from speaking about her romantic life with the media or on social media. 

Who Is Regina Hall’s Rumored Boyfriend? 

Regina Hall’s name got involved with many celebrities including men and women. Luckily either she or that particular star dismissed the rumors. Here are the celebrities whose names were linked with Regina Hall’s. 

Sadat X 

The popular rapper Sadat X who is a band member of ‘Nunian’ claimed Regina was his girlfriend in the 90s. The two dated for seven long years according to the rapper even regretted not marrying her. Regina kept quiet about Sadat’s claims. Hence, it’s considered as a rumor. 

Damon Wayans 

Damon Wayans’s name got involved with Regina Hall romantically. There are rumors she dated Damon because Marlon once in an interview revealed Hall kissed him and his other two brothers Shawn and Damon Wayans. 

Damon Wayans was dating  Regina Hall.
Damon Wayans by Brian Solis licensed under CC BY 2.0

It’s known that Damon and Regina never worked together and so people started to imagine the two as couples. But neither the Scary Movie actress nor Damon admitted to being a couple in the past or in the present. 


Rapper Common’s name is also linked with Hall as they are close enough. Their closeness raised a question regarding their relationship and when there was no answer, some spread rumors that “Common and Regina are dating.” Although the American actress kept quiet about it, Common shut down the gossip by calling her his “Buddy” and “His People.” 

Saana Lathan 

Saana Lathan and Regina Hall worked together in ‘Love & Basketball’. Since then the two are close friends and also lived together pretty long. As they two used to live together rumors say she was in a relationship with Lathan. Later both actresses dismissed the rumor by laughing at such a claim. 

Final Words

Regina Hall, the American actress is currently 51 years old. She once dated in her life and when her boyfriend split in 2009 it took her years to move on. 

Hall even tried to become a nun but it was too late to take such a decision so she kept working as an actress. 

Till now she didn’t disclose who she has previously dated or is presently dating. Hence, we can say Regina Hall is single in 2022.

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