Is Rick Steves Married? Meet Rick's Ex-Wife Anne Steves 

Rick Steves became world famous with his travel videos. He knows how to guide others to travel and which places will amaze people more. Before he married Anne Steves in 1984, the author used to hang out alone. 

Is Rick Steves Married? Who is Rick Steves married to?
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But after marrying Anne Steves, his ex-wife, the two traveled together a lot. Since then, his fans have grown interested in her. But they are now longer together. So is Rick Steves still married to anyone else? Let’s find out if he has a wife at present or dating anyone.

Rick Steves Was Married to Anne Steves 

Rick Steves is famous as a travel writer in America. His life is full of adventure, but there’s also a sad story behind the scenes. 

Rick Steves had a wife known as Anne Steves, and the couple became the parents of two children, but for some personal reason, Anne and Rick split in 2010. 

After their split, Anne Steves vanished from the spotlight. The duo was never seen together again, and Rick Steves didn’t get married to anyone till today after ending everything with his only ex-wife Anne Steves. Next, we will learn everything about her. 

Anne Steves Occupation

As per the media reports, Anne Steves was a social activist and nurse. She used to be a sincere person towards her duties. After removing herself from the limelight, it’s unknown to know whether she changed her job or not. 

Anne Steves Family 

Anne Steves kept her personal information private from the very beginning. No one knows who her parents were and whether she has siblings. So data on her family remain unknown. 

Anne Steves Physical Attributes

She is neither too tall nor too short. Her height is 5 feet 5 inches, and she weighs 58 kilograms, according to the last updates.

She has charming brown eyes, and as she belongs to the white ethnicity, her skin color is white like other white people. Her hair is dark blonde, and she has a cute face. 

How Anny and Rick Steves Met 

The couple Anny and Rick first met in a restaurant situated in California. It was 1982. The two became good friends. It took a short time to fall in love. They dated for two years and finally decided to get married in 1984. 

They invited their close friends and family members to their wedding, which was held at St. Thomas in Pennsylvania. Their reception was held at the Saint David’s Golf Club. After the marriage, she began to enjoy traveling with Rick happily. 

According to sources, Anne often went shopping in shopping malls and spas. However, she only went to some European countries and eventually split with Rick after having two children with the travel writer. 

Why did Rick Steves and His Ex-wife Anne Divorced?

When the news spread of Rick and Anne’s divorce, it shocked their loved ones and their supporters. The duo lived for 26 years, and it’s heartbreaking to hear that such a couple broke up. 

At first, the reason for their split was unclear, but later it was discovered that Rick went close to Trish Feaster, his travel companion. So Rick was the one who filed the divorce, and two years after they split in 2010, Rick Steves announced having an affair with Trish Feaster in 2012. 

He still meets with his and Anne’s children, Jacky and Andy, but Anne Steves suddenly vanishes from everywhere. Now, no one knows where she lives or what she does for a living. 

Final Words

Rick Steves has helped many people regarding travel with his travel guidance. He also introduced people to places around Europe that many didn’t know existed. With his written books on traveling, Rick managed to gain huge fans. 

His wife, Anne Steves, also caught his fans’ attention; everyone used to love to see them touring around Europe.

So even after the couple ended everything in 2010, people still wanted to know about Anne Steves, Rick’s ex-wife. But her current location and updates are unavailable.

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