How Old And Tall Is Rihanna? Does Rihanna Have Kids?

Rihanna is a renowned pop star singer and fashion icon. You have probably heard her hit song entitled Umbrella. But do you know that it is initially written for Britney Spears?

That is just one fact about the Barbadian singer that many of her fans don’t know about. Today, we will tell you more facts about the Grammy Award-winning singer.

How Old And Tall Is Rihanna?
Rihanna by Liam Mendes licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

This includes how old and tall is the fashion designer. We will also answer the common question: does Rihanna have kids?

I know you want the answers now, so let us get started right away!

How Old Is Rihanna(Age)?

The Grammy Award-winning artist was born on February 20, 1988, which means that she is 34 years old at present. The pop singer was 16 when she signed a contract with Def Jam records.

But when her career started, she performed for Carl Struken and Evan Rogers, who were both music producers in 2003. By that time, she was only 15. 

Her very first album entitled Music of the Sun was released in 2005. It has at least two million sales worldwide. Her debut single entitled Pon de Replay was released about 15 years ago. Recently, she and her fans celebrated her 15th year in the music industry. 

How Tall Is Rihanna(Height)?

Just how tall is the international superstardom?

She stands 5 feet and 8 inches which is equivalent to 173 centimeters. Her height is entirely above the average compared to the women in Hollywood. This excludes any platforms or high heels that can boost her height of six feet. 

How Tall Is Rihanna? What's her actual height?
Rihanna By Kasio69 Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

Like other celebrities, the legendary singer also wears heels which can even make her taller. Shoe lifts and heels can increase a person’s self-esteem, and even famous celebrities need extra confidence. This does not exclude the music artist from the rest of them. 

Does Rihanna Have Kids?

Many have been asking this question since the pop star often posts a photo of her and her niece, Majesty.

The fans were confused when the well-known celebrity brought her family, including Majesty, to meet Nicki Minaj and her family in October 2020. It has invited speculations that Majesty is her daughter. 

Does Rihanna Have Kids? Let's see the details.
Rihanna By Gamerscore Blog Licensed Under CC BY-SA 2.0

But no, the leading singer has no child of her own just yet, though she and her boyfriend, Rocky A$ap, will soon become parents because the pop star is conceiving their first child. 

The power couple confirmed the pregnancy through a photoshoot. Rihanna is due this May.

Previously, the singer has talked about having her own family when she is ready. And now, she will be having a baby!

It’s A Wrap!

Little by little, you know your favorite artist better. Today, you are lucky enough to find out how old and tall is Rihanna in just one post. Plus, you get to know that Rihanna has no kids yet, but she is expecting a baby with her boyfriend Rocky A$ap.

To find out more about your favorite celebrity, ensure to click on our next posts! Thank you for reading!

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