A Close Look At Rihanna's Hand Tattoo And Red Hair

Both in her music and style, the Caribbean roots of Rihanna are apparent. She has been exposed to the worth the culture and style that they may not have known of.

The Barbadian singer can make anything work. May it be the old glam or badass look, the fashion designer never fails to look good either way. 

An image of Rihanna's Hand Tattoo And Red Hair.
Rihanna by Ilikeriri licensed under CC0 1.0

Her style and fashion have evolved so much since she entered the entertainment industry, from simple and casual ensembles to high fashion. The pop star has been a trendsetter. She has a great way of expressing herself through her style. 

Now, we are going to take a close look at Rihanna’s hand tattoo and red hair. Keep reading to find out the meaning behind those. 

Rihanna Hand Tattoo

In total, the famous actress has more than twenty tattoos on her body. The pop star admitted that she has an addiction to tattoos. She liked being in a tattoo shop. For her, tattoos are intriguing.

Let's see Rihanna's Hand Tattoo.
Rihanna By oouinouin Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

It is culture. She even studied it. Her first tattoo was the symbol of music notes which she got in 2006. Most of her tattoos are done by the famous artist named Bang Bang. He has done about 13 of her tattoos.

Her hand tattoo is a dragon claw. She got this while she had a tour in New Zealand last November 2008. The tattoo is on her right hand.

This is a matching tattoo that she got together with Chris Brown, her boyfriend by then. He has the same tattoo on the same hand. The tattoo design is a geometric claw of the dragon with tiny hibiscus towards her wrist.

Rihanna Red Hair

The red hair of the Grammy Award-winning artist has added a modern touch to the classic hairstyles. Hollywood starlets and white songstresses used to preserve those classic hairstyles, but she has broken borders.

Her red hair color has drawn so much attention. She first unveiled it in 2010. Her stylist adopted differently styled ranging from short crops to long weaves. She would wear it straight to curly and dark to bright red colors.

Regardless of how she wore it, the legendary singer would look hot in red-colored hair in 2010. It was not coincidental for the pop star to be wearing that vibrant color on the same year her album Loud was released. 

Was Rihanna Red Hair A Wig?

Having natural red hair is not typical for a woman of African descent. During the time, she had red hair, she was wearing a Microwaved wig. That wig was made out of natural hair. It was dyed in red and bonded to her hair.

Was Rihanna Red Hair A Wig? let's check the details.
Rihanna By avrilllllla Licensed Under CC BY 2.0

Among her wig moment, the most memorable one is the bright red one that she wore on VMAs. This is the first time she was seen in red hair, and there is a story behind it.

According to the singer, the wig arrived in the wrong color, and the international superstardom is not supposed to wear it. But she did and gained too much for it.

It’s A Wrap!

We just took a close look at Rihanna’s hand tattoo and red hair. It is pretty impressive how the pretty singer carries herself. Her style and fashion are something that people look up to. Perhaps, you are here as well because you admire her for it!

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