Rita Ora Boyfriend 2022| Is Rita Ora Still Dating Taika Waititi?

A British singer rose to prominence after she was featured on a song entitled Hot Right Now. Following her first burst, she released her debut album, Ora, in 2012. This album has been very successful and topped the charts in the UK. 

Ever since then, it has been inevitable that even her private life would capture the interests of the public. Many people would want to know who Rita Ora boyfriend 2022. Is Rita Ora still dating Taika Waititi? 

Who's Rita Ora Boyfriend and dating partner? Is she single or dating anyone?
Rita Ora by VOGUE Taiwan licensed under CC BY 3.0

Those are just among the few other questions often asked about the singer. Today, you will find out who is the singer dating, so better keep reading!

Who Is Rita Ora Dating?

Based on a report, the singer has been dating Taika Waititi since March of 2021. The report further claims that the friends of the two are aware of their relationship.

They are only keeping things between them l\ow-key. But they are completely smitten with one another. 

The two made the headlines in September 2021 after they publicized their relationship at the premiere of The Suicide Squad. Since then, the couple is often seen together on red carpets. They also attended the 2021 Met Gala together. The two would also post their sweet photos on social media. 

Who Is Rita Ora Boyfriend?

Taika Waititi is an actor, writer, comedian, and director. He is best known for his kind and humane worldview. Rita Ora’s boyfriend also has an eye for absurdity.

Who Is Rita Ora Boyfriend? Is she still dating Taika Waititi.
Taika Waititi By Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

He has an anarchic sensibility. Some would say that he is a genius. He can make incredible films whose journey is as fun to watch as the movie itself.

Relationship Timeline

The dating rumors started in April 2021 after the two were spotted in Sydney hanging out together. But according to the source, they started dating before rumors began to circulate.

They are just good at keeping it low-key. In the same month, the singer posted some videos and photos, and one of them featured a picture that looked like the director. This has sparked up the rumors even more.

Also, the singer was spotted alongside Russel Crowe, Matt Damon, and Chris Hemsworth that month. All of them are starring in the director’s upcoming film at that time.

In May, a photo of the two was posted on Twitter for the first time. The director’s arm is wrapped around the singer’s shoulders in the image. In August, the couple chose to make it official via Instagram. They posted some snaps celebrating the birthday of the director.

After that, they have been together at essential events, looking happy together in each other’s arms. They would post their photos with adorable captions, which the fans love.

The fans are speculating that the two are already engaged after the singer posted a photo of her hand with her ring finger covered with an emoji as if she was hiding the engagement ring. The story has been removed, and no confirmation from the couple.

Is Rita Ora Still Dating Taika Waititi?

Yes, the celebrity couple is still together. In an Instagram post, the director has shared the story behind his romance with the singer.

He said they have known each other through his captions since four years ago, but things only turned into romance last year.

It’s A Wrap!

You finally get to know Rita Ora boyfriend, 2022, Taika Waititi. He is a fantastic director behind the movies that people in the world love.

The singer said that she wants to keep her romance in the spotlight, and she will continue to protect it.

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