How Old and Tall is RM From BTS? His Parents and Sibling Details

Fans and members of BTS agree: without the amazing leadership of RM, they wouldn’t be where they are right now. Much of the group’s success can be owed to Namjoon.

He works silently and diligently to ensure his group members and fans get what they want and deserve – even when his efforts often go unrecognized. 

Let's see RM's age, height, parents and siblings details.
RM by Dispatch licensed under CC BY 3.0

Indeed, there’s no better leader BTS can ask for than RM. He’s the bread and butter of the group. So, if you’re interested in becoming part of the BTS family, you need to educate yourself about their leader.

Without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about RM’s age, height, parents, and siblings!

What is BTS RM’s Age?

As of this writing, Kim Namjoon (otherwise known as RM from BTS) is 27 years old. He will be celebrating his 28th birthday this coming September 12. Moreover, RM is also the third oldest member of the group, just a few years behind Suga and Jin.

RM is the last member to make up the hyung line of BTS. For those unfamiliar with the Korean word, hyung is used to describe older members of a KPOP group. The other members are usually reserved for the maknae line.

At age 16, RM was the first member to join BTS. But aside from his seniority, RM’s experience and talent in music are the reasons why he is the leader of the group.

It was reported that RM started his rapping career as early as 13 years old, signing up at amateur rapping competitions and producing self-composed mixtapes. 

It’s impressive and inspiring how much dedication RM already had towards his passion as a rapper. Most people haven’t even thought about their future careers at 13!

What is BTS RM’s Height?

Ironically enough, RM, the leader of BTS, also happens to be the tallest member, measuring at around 5’11’’ or 181cm. His height is even more apparent whenever he poses for a picture with his fellow members. In fact, he makes Jimin, who is 5’9’’ in height, look like a tiny baby! 

What is BTS RM’s Height? how tall is he?
RM by Dispatch licensed under CC BY 3.0

If we compare RM’s measurements to the average height of South Korean men, it can be deduced that he’s taller than average. For reference, statistics show that most men in South Korea are only 174cm tall. 

Curious to know which celebrities match RM’s height? Check out the list below:

Who are BTS RM’s Parents and Siblings?

In the KPOP industry, it’s normal for celebrities to keep the identities of their loved ones confidential for security purposes. As such, the names of RM’s parents remain unknown. Still, we know some stories about RM’s relationship with his parents that will definitely make you emotional!

First, RM’s parents were initially unsupportive of his dreams of becoming a popular rapper. But then, RM had a critical conversation with her mother that made him earn his parent’s approval:

My grades were about a 5000th place in the country. If I wanted to keep going the path I was, I would’ve been a successful man with a job. So I asked my mom if she prefers a son that was 1st in what he likes or a son that was in 5000th place. That conversation resulting in my mom allowing me to chase my dreams.”

Who are BTS RM’s Parents and Siblings? Let's know about them.
RM by Dispatch licensed under CC BY 3.0

RM also revealed that when he hit a rough patch weeks before BTS’ debut, it was his father who convinced him to never give up on his dreams:

There was a time when I ran away, six months before our debut. When my father saw me, he spent two and a half hours persuading me to go back. He told me, ‘I know you’re someone who wants to be there and has to be there. If you come back here then you’re going to resent me for the rest of your life.’ I still remember that.”

There’s no question how much RM loves his parents because of their unconditional support. The same can be said of his younger sister, Kim Kyung Min.

Even when RM is not keen on exposing his little sister to the limelight, we know that they keep in touch. In fact, the reason why Kim Kyung Min lives a very private life may be due to her overprotective big bro!

We’re curious to know what you think about RM! Share your thoughts about the BTS leader in the comments section below.

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