How Old and Tall is Robert De Niro? His Kids and Net Worth

Indeed, there is no one like Robert De Niro. His films such as Taxi Driver, The Irishman, Cape Fear, and The Godfather shaped the film industry that we know and love today.

Many talented directors, actors, and writers use Bobby as an inspiration in hopes that they, too, become as successful as he and his projects.

A close look at Robert De Niro age, height, Kids and Net Worth.
Robert De Niro by Thore Siebrands licensed under CC BY 2.0

But while most actors his age have gone into retirement, Robert is surprisingly still in the game – and he’s doing quite well, actually. That is why until now, the actor is still gaining more fans along the way.

If you’re one of them and would like to know more about Robert De Niro, keep reading because we’ll be giving you everything you need to know about his age, height, kids, and net worth.

How Old is Robert De Niro?

Robert Anthony De Niro Jr. was born on August 17, 1943 – back when Nazis still terrorized the entire world and when World War II was just at the doorstep of its long-awaited finale. At the time of this writing, Bobby is 79 years old.

As mentioned before, Robert has not retired from acting just yet. In fact, we’ll still be seeing him on the big screen for the next years to come. In an interview with Yahoo, Robert said: “I’ll go as long as I can.”

Unfortunately, there might be a dark reason as to why Bobby refuses to retire soon. According to his divorce lawyer, Caroline Krauss, his ex-wife’s luxurious lifestyle has forced Robert to accept an unhealthy number of projects just to satisfy her materialistic needs. She said:

Mr. De Niro is 77 years old, and while he loves his craft, he should not be forced to work at this prodigious pace because he has to. When does that stop? When does he get the opportunity to not take every project that comes along and not work six-day weeks, 12-hour days so he can keep pace with Ms. Hightower’s thirst for Stella McCartney?

Of course, we’re not saying that the statement above is absolutely true. However, we do hope that Robert is acting for the fun of it and not just because he’s forced to. He is, after all, almost in his eighties! The guy needs to take it slow.

How Tall is Robert De Niro?

The exact measurement of De Niro differs from source to source, but from what we have gathered, it seems that Bobby is somewhere between 5’8’’ (173cm) and 5’9’’ (175.3cm) in height. In his younger years, though, he was much taller with reports claiming that he measured 5’10’’ or 177cm.

How Tall is Robert De Niro? What's his actual height?
Robert De Niro by Olivier06400 licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

And if you’re curious to know which celebrities share the same height as Bobby, we’ve made a list below:

  • Michael Jackson
  • Adele
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Tom Hardy
  • Justin Bieber
  • Cameron Diaz

Who Are Robert De Niro’s Children?

Robert De Niro is a father of six: an adopted daughter, two sons, twins, and a young daughter whom they welcomed via a surrogate. They are as follows:

  • Drena De Niro
  • Raphael De Niro
  • Elliot De Niro
  • Julian Henry De Niro
  • Aaron Kendrick De Niro
  • Helen Grace De Niro

Who Are Robert De Niro’s Children? Let's know about them including Drena De Niro.
Drena De Niro by David Shankbone licensed under CC BY 3.0

Robert shares these kids with three different mothers. Drena and Raphael, for instance, are his children with his first wife Diahnne Abbott.

Meanwhile, the twins were born via in vitro fertilization with their mother Toukie Smith. And finally, Elliot and Helen are Robert’s children with his second wife, Grace Hightower. All of his children are biracial.

How Rich is Robert De Niro?

Even in his seventies, Robert is still making a lot of money. In fact, it is estimated that his net worth in 2022 is around $500million, which means he’s halfway through becoming a billionaire!

Of course, Bobby built his fortune through his iconic movie roles. We can only assume that with his portfolio, he makes millions of dollars from each project.

So, there you have it! Now you know everything there is to know about Robert De Niro’s age, height, kids, and net worth! What would you like us to write next? Tell us in the comment section below!

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