How Old And Tall Is Robert Downey Jr.? His Wife, Kids, And Parents

Robert Downey Jr. is among the iconic actors of today. He is among the biggest names in Hollywood. The actor was widely recognized for portraying the role of Iron Man or Tony Stark in Marvel. 

Robert Downey Jr. with his wife Susan Downey.
Robert Downey Jr and Susan Downey by Toiram licensed under CC BY 3.0

Although we have seen it so many times on the big screen, we might not know the actor that much. There is so much about him that we might have no idea of. With that being said, our team decided to talk more about the actor’s personal life. 

Come along as we talk about how old and tall Robert Downey Jr. His wife, kids, and parents will also be discussed below. 

How Old Is Robert Downey Jr?

The Iron Man star was born on April 4, 1965. He turned 57. The actor has been in the industry for so long. He debuted as an actor when he was only five.

This was in the film titled Pound, which was directed and written by his dad. Since then, he has starred in many other films until he became a big star today. 

How Tall Is Robert Downey Jr?

As listed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony Stark stands 6 feet and 1 inch tall. But in real life, the actor is around 5 feet and 9 inches. This is equivalent to 174 centimeters.

Who Is Robert Downey Jr.‘s Wife?

The wife of the actor is Susan Downey. They owned their own production company, Team Downey, which they launched in 2010. Susan is also an actress.

She even teamed up with him on various films like The Judge and Deloitte. The fans also expected the couple’s collaboration for the third episode of Sherlock Holmes. 

Robert Downey Jr and Susan's love life.
Robert Downey Jr and Susan by Peter Kudlacz licensed under CC BY 2.0

The couple is going strong. They two have been married for more than fifteen years. Many consider them one of the power couples in Hollywood. They got married in 2005. This was two years after they met on the set of Gothika. 

But before their romance, the actor was married to Deborah Falconer. They had a heartbreaking story. The two were together for about 10 years. They had a son. Based on the reports, the two split up due to the actor’s drug addiction. 

Who Are Robert Downey Jr. Kids?

The iconic actor has three kids from his two marriages. The age of his kids ranges from six to twenty-eight years old. His firstborn is Indio, whom he shared with his ex-wife, Deborah.

He is their only child since the actor was busy with his career. Unfortunately, he struggled the same way as his father. He has been arrested for possessing cocaine. Indio had a cocaine addiction. 

The Hollywood actor also had a son with his second wife. His name is Exton Elias. He was born in 2012, and now he is 9 years old. After his second son, his wife gave birth to his only daughter, who they named Avri Roel. She was born in 2014, and now she is 6 years old. 

We can remember how excited the actor was when he announced the birth of his daughter. The announcement was made via Twitter, and it’s hilarious how he told it like he would announce a movie project. 

Who Are Robert Downey Jr.‘s Parents?

The actor was born to Elsie and Robert Downey Sr. Although the life of the Marvel star seems enviable now, it was not easy for him during his childhood. 

Perhaps his relationship with his father led the actor to his drug addiction. The two would bond over drugs before, and it is something problematic.

When his mother died, the actor paid tribute to her by writing a message to his mother. Everyone was touched when he said his mother helped him become sober and clean. 

It’s A Wrap!

It’s good that you already know how old and tall Robert Downey Jr. His wife, kids, and parents details could also make you understand the actor better. Try to read this too: Joe Rogan’s Age, Height, Daughter, Wife, Net Worth 2022!

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