Rosalia Boyfriend 2022 | Who’s Rosalia’s Present Dating partner?

We may not be living in a fairytale, but Rosalia has been rightfully crowned as the new queen of Latin music – and now, everybody’s wondering if she’s got a king to rule the world with her.

Who's Rosalia's Boyfriend and dating partner?
Rosalia by Alfred Marroquin licensed under CC BY 3.0

So, does Rosalia have a man in her heart or is she currently single? Let’s find out.

Is Rosalia Single or In a Relationship?

As of this writing, Spanish singer and songwriter Rosalia is currently dating Puerto Rican rapper and musician Rauw Alejandro. They went Instagram official on September 24 last year.

Before that, Rosalia was single for two years after her split with long-time ex-BF C. Tangana. And although the two seemed very close during the course of their relationship (they did collaborate in several music projects, after all), things did not end amicably between the two artists. 

During an interview with Spanish magazine RockDelux, C. Tangana dropped a very shady statement about his superstar ex:

The obsession right now with Rosalía is so great that citing her as a reference is boring. It’s like saying ‘I like Coke’. I understand that people are obsessed with Rosalía, it happened to me 4 or 5 years ago. People are late for things, one day they will pass. People will stop seeing Rosalía in the gotelé stains.”

Is Rosalia Single or In a Relationship? Let's know about her dating                                                                                    life.
Rosalia by Pedro J Pacheco licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Oh, well. What did we expect, C. Tangana is a rapper at the end of the day. He was bound to diss his ex-girlfriend – even if she’s the one and only Rosalia.

So much for the past, Rosalia is so much happier now with her new boyfriend. But, who is he and what is his relationship with Rosalia like?

Meet Rosalia’s New Boyfie: Rauw Alejandro

Rauw Alejandro is a 29-year-old Latin singer and rapper. His music is heavily influenced by reggaeton and Latin R&B, which is why many have dubbed him the “King of Modern Reggaeton”. 

Aside from Rauw, his parents are also musically-talented individuals. His dad, Raul Ocasio, is a guitarist, while his mom, Maria Nelly Ruiz, is a backing vocalist.

His family’s extensive background in music may have paved the way for him to develop his passion and skills in music.

Meet Rosalia’s New Boyfriend: Rauw Alejandro. Let's know about him.
Rauw Alejandro by Bonchevip & World Latin Star Video Licensed under CC BY 3.0

Rauw’s talent in the industry has been recognized by several major music award shows, including:

  • American Music Awards (Nominated for Favorite Male Artist and Favorite Album in the Latin Category)
  • Billboard Latin Music Awards (Nominated for Artist of the Year and Latin Pop Song of the Year)
  • Grammy Awards (Nominated for Best Musica Urbana Album)
  • iHeart Radio Music Awards (Won Best New Latin Artist and Artist of the Year)
  • People’s Choice Awards (Nominated for New Artist of the Year)
  • Premios Tu Musica Urbano (Won Top Male New Generation)

Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro’s Relationship

The ship has sailed and there seems to be no signs of it sinking any time soon! Rosalia and Rauw are enjoying each other’s company and everyone’s super jealous of their sweet relationship.

Their Instagram accounts are filled with PDA moments, ranging from adorable TikTok videos featuring both of them to heartfelt comments to brighten up each other’s day.

Until now, neither Rosalia and Rauw has disclosed how they met. However, they were first seen holding hands after having a possibly romantic dinner at The Nice Guy restaurant in Los Angeles. They were also spotted attending the after-party of the Billboards Latin Music Awards. 

So far, things are going well between the power couple! We’d love to hear a collab from these talented artists very soon!

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