Rosé from BLACKPINK Age, Height, Sexuality, Parents, and Siblings

Rosé is known as the leader of BLACKPINK. Her charismatic voice and kindness toward her fans are the reason for her growing followers. A bunch of Rosé lovers’ most common questions are, what is Rosé from BLACKPINK age, height, sexuality, parents, and siblings? 

Rose is 25 years old and is taller than other BLACKPINK members, with a 5 feet 6 inches height. She is the second daughter of Mr. Mason Clarke and Mrs. Clare Park, who welcomed Rosé‘s older sister Alice Park into their family four years before Rosé was born. 

A close look at Rosé from BLACKPINK Age, Height, Sexuality, Parents, and Siblings.
Rosé by VOGUE Taiwan licensed under CC BY 3.0

There is more to learn about the singer’s personal life in brief. So, let’s continue to the end of the article to know every essential information about your favorite BLACKPINK Rosé and her family. 

Rosé from BLACKPINK Age 

Rosé was born in New Zealand’s Auckland. Her mother, Clare Park, gave birth on 11th February 1997, so she is now 25. So, she is not a Korean but a New Zealander. 

Rosé from BLACKPINK Height

The Queen of BLACKPINK is taller than all the other members. She is 5 feet 6 inches which are 1.68 m. Lisa is only 1 m shorter than her. Rosé‘s height increases her charm even more, and she looks perfect wearing any dress. 

Rosé from BLACKPINK Sexuality

Generally, Kpop stars don’t publicly share their sexuality. No one talks about their gender orientation. Also, no reporter seems to ask about their sexuality. The same goes for Rosé. No interviewer has ever asked them about their sexual label. 

What's Rosé from BLACKPINK Sexuality? Is she gay or straight?
Rosé by VOGUE Taiwan licensed under CC BY 3.0

Maybe the reporters are not allowed to ask such a question. So, we can’t surely tell what Rosé‘s authentic sexuality is. Besides, she has been single for the past nine years. She was not spotted in a romantic state with either a boy or a girl. 

Moreover, the singer can’t get into a relationship because if she gets involved in an affair without YG Entertainment’s permission, she will violate their rule “Relationship Ban.” 

That is why it’s more difficult to know her sexual interests. So we need to wait to learn her actual sexuality until she or her agency discloses it. Till then, we are bound to believe Rosé from BLACKPINK is straight. 

Rosé from BLACKPINK Parents

Rosé‘s biological parents are Clare Park and Mason Clarke. Her mother, Clare, earns through her business. It’s unknown what her business is about. On the other hand, Rosé‘s father, Mr. Mason Clarke, is an established and famous Lawyer. 

Rosé from BLACKPINK Siblings

Rosé has one sibling. Her name is Alice Park. The “How You Like That” singer is four years younger than Alice. She picked the same career as her father and is now a successful Lawyer. 

Final Words 

Rosé became a 25-year-old in 2022 with a pretty face and has grown 5 feet 6 inches tall. She is successful like her businesswoman, mother, Lawyer, father, and sister. She has over 60 million BLINKs who are always curious about her inner and outer life.

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