Rosé Boyfriend 2022| Who's the BLACKPINK Queen Dating

Kpop fans are so interested in their favorite artists’ lives. They especially like to think and learn about the love life of the celebrity they like most. 

Rosé from BLACKPINK is a global favorite, so her followers are eager to know if Rosé from BLACKPINK has a boyfriend in 2022

Who's Rosé from BLACKPINK's Boyfriend? Is she single or dating anyone?
Rosé by VOGUE Taiwan licensed under CC BY 3.0

Generally, the stars don’t directly speak about their love interests but provide some ideas about who they would like to date. So let’s find out if BLACKPINK Queen is dating anyone. 

Is Rosé from BLACKPINK Dating Anyone in 2022? 

BLACKPINK Rosé is not dating anyone in 2022. There is no such report. However, her fans continue to speculate and give various opinions. Some claim she is secretly dating, and others say she might be dating a Kpop idol. 

According to media speculations and reports, Rosé is still single. Although the BLACKPINK Queen is not in a relationship, she disclosed what kind of man she would date. It has to be a person who is polite and can play the guitar like a pro. 

Rosé is Banned from Being in a Relationship

The hardcore fans of Kpop already know a lot about the “BLACKPINK Dating Ban policy.” It’s not only BLACKPINK but other Kpop artists in a contract with YG Entertainment are not allowed to do certain things, including dating. 

Rosé is Banned from Being in a Relationship. Let's see the details. <br />

Rosé by Newsenstar1 licensed under CC BY 3.0

According to Rosé, she is single, not because she is not allowed to get a boyfriend but to let the YG guide her to reach the desired success. But the ‘Gone’ singer can suddenly enjoy a romantic life if YG permits her, and this entertainment company may allow her if her safety is ensured. 

Final Words

Rosé‘s love life has been speculated about over the years. There was no strong evidence or enough dating rumors about her. But she is an adult, and if she actually falls for someone, she might make YG let her date her dream man.

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