Sean Hannity's Girlfriend 2022| Who is Sean Hannity's Dating Partner?

Sean Hannity is a famous American presenter, the anchor of The Sean Hannity Show, and other shows such as Hannity.

Sean Hannity came into the spotlight when he formally announced his divorce from his current ex-wife, Jill Rhodes.

Does Sean Hannity have any Girlfriend?
Sean Hannity by Michael Vadon licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

People are now curious about Sean Hannity’s girlfriend and his dating life.

Who is Sean Hannity Dating?

After the divorce from his wife Jill in 2019, Sean Hannity started dating fellow Fox News anchor Ainsley Earhardt.

While completing Hannity’s 20-year marriage to Jill Rhodes, Hannity and Ainsley initiated their relationship. However, Earhardt has already been married twice.

In 2005, the anchor married Kevin McKinney and they divorced in 2010. After two years, she married Will Proctor and ended the relationship in 2019.

It is pretty clear that at present, Hannity and Earhardt are in a relationship.

However, Hannity has not disclosed this publically. One day, while in an interview session, the interviewer questioned who Hannity is dating and he refused to disclose his relationship status.

According to the host, Hannity does not like to speak about his private life in this way.

From Fox News, a spokesperson has disclosed additional information about Hannity and his relationships and stated that the host concentrates on his daughters’ upbringing. 

Who is Sean Hannity’s Girlfriend? (Newly Dating)

As a distinguished American TV personality, Ainsley Earhardt had outstanding performances over the years. In 1999, the presenter gained a journalism degree from the University of South Carolina.

After graduation, she started her career at a local station in Columbia.

At first, in 2005, Ainsley worked in KENS-TV in San Antonio, Texas. Later on, she moved to New York to work at Fox News and joined as a co-host at Fox & Friends.

Is Sean Hannity Dating Ainsley Earhardt?

Fox News presenter Hannity and his fellow news presenter Earhardt finally made their relationship public in 2020.

Earhardt stated that everyone at Fox News would point out that Sean was a fantastic person and whomever he dates would be blessed, and Ainsley mentioned she was not dating anybody.

Sean And Ainsley Earhardt Relationship

As co-hosts, Ainsley Earhardt and Sean denied the connection despite sources affirming that the couple has been dating privately for years.

Shortly after the announcement of Sean’s divorce, information appeared that linked the two together.

A source near the duo revealed to People that they were dating for a year, and he’s very intimate because the host is very prominent and very controversial. Still, the source adds that the couple appeared in public together, yet both denied being in a relationship.

Final Verdict

It can be said that Sean Hannity’s girlfriend is indeed Ainsley Earhardt.

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