Seth Macfarlane's Age, Height, Wife, Parents, And Siblings

We know Seth Macfarlane as a famous comedian. But other than that, he is also an animator, film director, producer, screenwriter, and actor.

He is renowned as the creator of the animated sitcom entitled Family Guy. Besides that, he also created a science fiction series in the comedy-drama genre titled The Orville. 

Seth Macfarlane's Age, Height, Wife, Parents, And Siblings details.
Seth Macfarlane by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Not only that, but he co-created other sitcoms like The Cleveland Show and American Dad. Furthermore, he has been a part of many television shows and films. He has earned so many fans who love him so much. 

So, if you love the celebrity as much as we do, then come along and let us know more about him. We will be talking about Seth Macfarlane’s age, height, wife, parents, and siblings. Let us get started right away!

How Old Is Seth Macfarlane?

The public figure was born on October 26, 193. Currently, Seth Macfarlane’s age is 48 years old. His sun sign is Scorpio. When he was a child, the celebrity had been interested in illustration.

He started to draw cartoon characters like Woody Woodpecker and Fred Flintstone when he was only two years old. At the age of five, the star already recognized his liking to pursue his animation career. During his start, he would only create flipbooks. 

What Is Seth Macfarlane Height?

The famous public

figure stands 5 feet and 10 inches tall. This is equivalent to 179 centimeters. His staggering height is complemented by his average build. He weighs around 83 kilograms or 183 pounds. 

How tall is Seth Macfarlane? Let's know about his height.
Seth Macfarlane by Sourjack89 licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Who Is Seth Macfarlane Wife?

The renowned director and actor have been in various relationships. However, he ensures to keep his love life under wraps. With that, his fans often wonder who his wife is. We found out that he had dated several Hollywood beauties. But currently, the celebrity is single.

His avid fans know that the actor is looking forward to marriage. So they are waiting for him to introduce a wife to the public. In an interview, he spoke about his openness to marriage.

But he recognized the fact that it is hard to date an actor. The celebrity further added that he is fond of using the conventional way of courtship when looking for a date.

It is what people do in normal circumstances. However, Hollywood is not normal at all. After that interview, people comprehended that the actor was simply waiting to meet the right person.

Who Are Seth Macfarlane Parents?

The father of the celebrity is Ronald Milton Macfarlane. But he is not just his father. He has been his friend as well. They are very close to each other.

The two even appeared on many red carpet events together. His father was a college professor. He is the one who taught his children how to work hard and develop the talents they have within them.

Ronald met his wife in his hometown. She is Ann Perry Sager – the mother of the actor. The two got married in 1970. She is a wonderful woman with a great personality. However, she faced death quite early when she was 63 years old due to cancer.

Who Are Seth Macfarlane Parents? Let's know about them.
Seth Macfarlane by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

When Perry’s mother died, she became eager to start a family of her own, and it finally happened when she met Ronald. The actor’s mother used to work as a teacher, just like her husband.

She loved her profession and has done it her entire life. Her friends would also say that she loved many things and life itself.

Who Are Seth Macfarlane Sister?

Our hero has only one sibling. She is Rachel Ann Macfarlane. His sister is very talented, just like him. She has a bachelor’s degree in college.

After that, she started working on her own projects. Rachel works as a singer, writer, and actress. But she is best known as the sister of a well-known comedian.

Like him, her sister’s work primarily involves voice acting and animated programs. For instance, she has been the voice behind Hayley Smith. The latter is a character in an animated film entitled

American Dad.

It’s A Wrap!

You just get to know the actor better. We have told you about Seth Macfarlane’s age, height, wife, parents, and siblings. If there is anything more you would like to know about him, let us know!

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