Seth MacFarlane's Girlfriend 2022| Who is Seth MacFarlane Dating?

It seems that Seth Macfarlane has become a permanent member of the unmarried club. At the age of 47, the “Family Guy” creator has remained a bachelor, but his girlfriend list becomes larger with time. Every year Seth’s name links up with someone else.

Therefore, fans want to know Seth Macfarlane’s girlfriend is in 2022 or who he is currently dating. Well, as you all know previously, more than a dozen names have been attached to MacFarlane.

Who's Seth MacFarlane's present dating partner?
Seth MacFarlane by Gage Skidmore licensed CC BY-SA 2.0

Moreover, it has become a habit of changing girlfriends. But this time, maybe it is different because Seth seems serious with his new girlfriend, according to fans. At present, he’s dating a fellow actress from Orville.

We know most of you can guess the name of his current partner. She is none other than Anne Winters, the 13 Reasons Why actress. Unsurprisingly, Anne isn’t the first co-star Seth has dated. In the past, he has dated several co-stars. 

When and how Seth MacFarlane and Anne Winters Confirmed their Relationship: 

Seth was dating another actress and co-star Helen Schrage untill 2019. Schrage was Zac Efron’s ex-girlfriend. Fans thought MacFarlane would make a long-time partnership with Schrage, but it didn’t happen.

People were pretty surprised when they saw an Instagram story where Seth and Anne confirmed their relationship. It was a Saturday night

when Anne posted a report on her official Instagram account. Most of the fans were wondering because they didn’t seem aware of Seth and Schrage’s break-up. 

Everything You Need To Know About Anne Winters: 

Well, Anne is 20 years younger than Seth MacFarlane. She is a 28-year-old American actress who started her career with the film A Christmas Snow. Anne got her popularity when she acted in the lead role in AwesomenessTV and the go90 drama series.

Everything You Need To Know About Anne Winters.
Anne Winters by Harry Winters licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

After that, Winters appeared in the second and third seasons of Netflix’s popular show 13 Reasons Why. Now we will all see Anne Winters in the third season of The Orville as the character of Charly Burke, which is a bit delayed due to the COVID-19 situation.

It might be the advantage of being a GF of Seth MacFarlane. Moreover, Anne is a DAYTIME EMMY Awards-winning actress. Besides acting, Anne is a talented singer as well. She has performed in 14 movies and 9 TV shows and has received 3 awards. 

What Critics Think About the Relationship of Seth MacFarlane and Anne Winters:

The last time Seth fell in love, many people thought this relationship would survive for a long time, but it didn’t. Now MacFarlane is 48. Therefore, his fans want him to get married, raise a family and have children. He is already late starting the second chapter of his life.

However, we have many examples of celebrities who did marry after 40. We have Dwayne ‘The Rock’

Johnson, George Clooney, Cameron Diaz, Amy Adams, Bruce Willis and many more in the late marriage club. That’s why Seth’s fans shouldn’t lose their hope to see MacFarlane as a married man.

Seth fell in love with Anne and critics believe this relationship will last for a long time. Because Anne was cast in Orville, that means they both have time to get to know each other. 

Why is Seth MacFarlane not Married? 

There is no particular answer to this question. After dating more than a dozen women, including big-name celebrities, Seth has no marriage history. MacFarlane never mentioned any specific reason why he hasn’t married yet.

Why is Seth MacFarlane not Married? Let's know about his present relationship timeline.
Seth MacFarlane by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

The most possible explanation would be that he couldn’t find his soulmate among the women he dated. Moreover, he has never considered himself marriage material.

Lastly, we can hope Seth and Anne Winters will give us good news regarding their marriage, then people will stop asking questions about Seth MacFarlane’s girlfriend. It has been a year since this pair started dating.

They need more time to make a decision on marriage. We hope this time, Seth MacFarlane won’t disappoint his fan by breaking up the relationship with Anne Winters. You might be also want to know about Anne’s dating history, but her past history was pretty private.

We will update you here once we have something more to tell. On the other hand, some people think Seth MacFarlane is related to the Fraudster Billy McFarland

. What are your thoughts about this topic? Let us know below in the comment section.

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