Seth Macfarlane Net Worth 2022| Yearly Income, Salary, Earning Sources

We know Seth MacFarlane as one of the best American animators. He is also a producer, actor, and writer who is known for his creations such as The Orville, The Cleveland Show, American Dad, and Family Guy.

Those television series are behind his success and fame. The guy can supply unlimited humorous writing. He capitalized on his talent and made substantial money for it. 

How rich is Seth Macfarlane? Let's know about his met worth.
Seth Macfarlane by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

No one before him has thought to make a box office hit using a teddy bear. With the quirky works of the celebrity in the show business, he has received recognition and a significant amount of money. 

Are you curious how much Seth MacFarlane’s net worth is in 2022? If so, read along as we discuss his yearly income, salary, and earning sources. 

How Much Is Seth MacFarlane’s Net Worth 2022?

The celebrity is considered the Renaissance of the modern-day. He can make so much money out of all his endeavors. As of 2022, his net worth is a staggering 300 million dollars.

Holly is a place for talented people like him. By creating one smash television show for a big network, one will not become broke again. 

Our hero has managed to do this with three blockbuster TV shows, including American Dad, The Cleveland Show, and Family Guy.

The public figure has also written, directed, and produced various hit films, grossing more than 700 million dollars at the international box office. 

How Much Is Seth MacFarlane's Net Worth 2022? Here is the details.
Seth MacFarlane by Gage Skidmore licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Seth MacFarlane’s Yearly Income

At the beginning of his career, around 2005 up to 2008, he was paid by Fox an amount of 2 million dollars per year. Since his show was a success, Fox agreed with the deal proposed by the actor himself.

He triumphantly negotiated an amount of 100 million dollars for a 5-year contract that he signed in 2009. This is for running his animation with that network.

This deal has been the largest and priciest in TV history at that time. The actor also earns 20 million dollars per year from his DVD and merchandise rights.

Seth Macfarlane’s Earning Sources

Besides his yearly income, which we discussed above, let us look at his earning sources.


The portfolio of celebrities in the entertainment business is very impressive. May it be in writing, producing, directing, acting, and even his music. He was a jack of all trades who did great at any of those. 

What are Seth Macfarlane's Earning Sources? Let's know about his cars, houses.
Seth Macfarlane by Rebecca Paiva
licensed under CC BY 3.0

Based on the records, he has 34 writing credits, including his blockbuster hits. With regards to his acting, he has appeared in all the TV show he has written.

He was also the voice behind some films, including Ted. The celebrity has also been a host for numerous TV shows such as Comedy Central Roasts, Academy Awards, and Saturday Night Live. 

Investments and Endorsements

The celebrity has endorsed various products throughout his career. He has been the endorser of AXE Hair since 2012. Likewise, he made an appearance in the commercial in 2009. 

When it comes to his investments, the celebrity has put up a significant amount of his wealth in real estate. He also owns a few record labels and production houses. This includes Fuzzy Door Productions, Verve Records, and Republic Records.

It’s A Wrap!

That’s pretty much it for today’s content. You have been informed of Seth MacFarlane’s net worth 2022. If there is anything else you would like to learn about him, let us know!

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