Shakira Net Worth 2022 | Is Shakira a Billionaire?

Not too long ago, the name Shakira appeared on virtually every music chart and award. Her hit songs Waka WakaHips Don’t Lie, and Whenever, Wherever dominated radio stations and MP3 players worldwide. She’s even a titleholder to several accolades, such as:

a close look at Shakira's Net Worth. Let's see how rich is she?
Shakira by Alejandro Bárcenas licensed under CC BY 2.5

  • Being the second most-successful Latina singer of all time
  •  Having the greatest number of albums sold as a Latina
  • Being the highest-selling Colombian artist of all time
  • Top Female Artist of the Decade by Billboard in 2009
  • Being the most-streamed Latina singer on Spotify
  • Being one of the three female artists who have more than two billion views on YouTube

Fast forward to today; however, Shakira is barely releasing any new music. But while she may not be as influential as before, she still remains to be one of the most successful pop music artists in the industry.

With that said, many believe that Shakira has built a massive fortune out of her career – and, well, those folks are right. Shakira is worth millions of dollars even when her career is steadily declining. Find out what made her so rich by reading more below!

Shakira’s Singing Career

As expected, much of Shakira’s earnings come from her album sales, royalties, and ticket sales for her concerts. It is estimated that the Queen of Latin Music made over $50million from her world tours alone. Here’s a quick breakdown of that figure:

  • Tour Pies Descalzos —$5million
  • Tour Anfibio —$10million
  • Tour of the Mongoose
  • Oral Fixation Tour —$90million
  • The Sun Comes Out World Tour —$75million
  • El Dorado World Tour —$40million

Of course, adding those dollars up won’t give you the exact income that Shakira made from touring. However, it does give us an idea of just how rich and successful she is.

How much Shakira’ make from her Singing?
Shakira by Casa Rosada licensed under CC BY 2.5 AR

Remember, we have yet to include her album sales and royalties. On top of that, she also signed a 10-year $30million deal with entertainment company Live Nation to exclusively release her albums through their platform.

With that said, Shakira could be earning anywhere between $100million to $200million from her singing career alone.

Shakira’s Earnings from TV Shows and Acting

Remember the movie Zootopia? If you do, you may remember hearing the song Try Everything by Shakira. She performed the song in the character of Gazelle, a famed pop artist and activist in the movie.

It is unclear how much she was paid for the role, though. On the other hand, her salary for her role as a The Voice judge is public knowledge: $12million each season. That’s the same salary that the NBC channel gave to Adam Levine for also being a judge.

Glad to know that men and women are paid equally in that show. Otherwise, they would be going against everything Shakira is standing up for.

Shakira’s Business Ventures

Shakira’s hustle doesn’t stop when the cameras aren’t around. In 2010, Shakira entered the business world by launching her own perfume company called S by Shakira. Reports say that her fragrance collection made around $40million in sales.

Shakira’s Business Ventures. What are her income sources?
Shakira by  Dilma Rousseff licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Meanwhile, Shakira has also been involved in real estate. The belly-dancing artist recently put her Miami mansion for sale, valued at around $11million. She also purchased her current home for $5.5million a few years back.

What is Shakira’s Net Worth?

Now that we’ve traced Shakira’s sources of income, it’s time to finally reveal just how much Shakira is worth. Reports vary, but it is estimated that Shakira’s net worth is around $350million as of 2022.

That’s no surprise, considering that she’s been extremely successful in her career. While she’s a few hundred million dollars away from becoming a billionaire, it’s not impossible for her to achieve. After all, she’s got the talent and multiple Grammy awards to prove that she’s the GOAT.

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