Shania Twain's Age, Height, Kids, Sexuality, Parents and Siblings

Shania Twain is well-known in the field of music. She is not just any other artist, but she is a country music star who is behind the best-selling songs such as From This Moment On.  It has been sung by many teenagers since it was released in the 90s. 

The singer and songwriter became famous in the early 90s when she released her self-titled album in 1993.

A close look at Shania Twain's Age, Height, Kids, Sexuality, Parents and Siblings.
Shania Twain by David Swales licensed under CC BY 3.0

After her debut, the singer has achieved success across international borders. Her album released in 1997 has been regarded as the best-selling album by a female artist. 

If you want to know more about the singer, keep reading as we will talk about Shania Twain’s age, height, kids, sexuality, parents, and siblings. Let us start with her age. 

How Old Is Shania Twain?

The singer was born on August 28, 1965. Shania Twain’s age is 56 as of now. The pop singer will be a year older in a few months. Since she was young, music has been a significant part of her life.

The music artist started singing when she was only 3 years old. She has played the guitar since she was 8 years old and started writing songs at the age of 10. 

Shania Twain Height

It was the singer herself who stated that

she stands 5 feet and 4 inches tall. She admits that she is not very tall.

But such height is just right for a woman of her size at around 110 pounds. And she can look taller with heels. 

Who Are Shania Twain Kids?

The legendary country star has a son with her estranged husband Robert John Lange. His name is Eja D’Angelo Lange (pronounced as Asia).

She gave birth to her son in Corseaux, Switzerland. Her child has inherited her music talent. He is already dealing with music. Eja can sing, write songs, and he even produces music. 

In an interview, the country singer shared that Eja has never received any birthday present from her since she doesn’t want to spoil him. But she is pouring all the love to her son. The country music legend even claimed that the best job she has done was being a mother. 

What Is Shania Twain Sexuality?

The singer is a straight woman. She has said that being a woman in the field of country music has been an advantage for her. But since she grew up in a poor family, she has dealt with a lot of advantages throughout her life and she is always on guard about everything. 

What Is Shania Twain Sexuality? Is she gay or straight?
Shania Twain by Jerry Daykin from Cambridge, United Kingdom licensed under CC BY 2.0

The singer has a strong connection with the LGBTQ+ community. There are plent of gay people surrounding her whom she can relate and can likewise relate to her. With that, she often writes songs with deeper meaning. 

For instance, her song titled Man! I Feel Like A Woman!, she was able to contribute to the changing attitudes of people towards equality and sexuality. That music alone had helped in breaking down barriers since the fans of country music used to be conservative. 

Who Are Shania Twain Parents?

The country music legend was born to Sharon and Clarence Edwards. Her parents separated when the singer was only two years old. After the divorce, her mother decided to move to Timmins, Ontario with her and Jill, her sister.

This is where she met Jerry Twain whom she married later on. Jerry adopted her girls and changed their last names to Twain. 

The childhood life of the singer has been very hard in Timmins. Oftentimes, there was not enough food for the family since both of her parents were earning so little. There was even a time when her mother had to drive the kids to a homeless shelter seeking for assistance. 

Who Are Shania Twain Siblings?

The singer is one of the five children of the Twain family. Only Jill was her sibling from the same parents. She is older than the legendary singer. Based on the reports, Jill left home when she was only 14 and lived her own life. 

Who Are Shania Twain Siblings?
Shania Twain by VOGUE Taiwan licensed under CC BY 3.0

Her other sister from the same parents is Carrie Ann Twain. She is now working in Huntsville as a store manager. Carrie has been supportive of her sister when she was starting. In fact, she has been a background vocalist of the singer for her show in 2015 which was held in Las Vegas. 

Other than her sister, she has two other brothers. Mark Twain is her half-brother on her mother’s second marriage. Her brother is a computer technician by profession.

He is currently working in Vancouver. When their parents died, it was the singer who raised him, Carrie Ann, their other brother. 

His name is Darryl Christopher Twain. He is the adopted singer of the singer. Darryl is the nephew of her stepfather. The family adopted him when her mother chose to end her life. His profession is an electrician. 

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