How Old And Tall Is Shaun White? His Net Worth In 2022

Shaun White is a professional skateboarder and snowboarder from San Diego, California. He is also a musician.

But he is best known as one of the most successful and iconic snowboarders globally. He managed to bring home three gold medals from the Olympics. 

How tall is Shaun White? Let's know about his height.
Shaun White by Veronica Belmont licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Since he has accomplished so much success in skateboarding, he has given numerous titles, including the Champion of Action Sports Tour.

He was also able to win a total of ten ESPY Awards. In the field of music, he became a member of a band as a guitarist. He also released his own studio album. 

Perhaps, you are pretty much interested in him since you keep reading. So come along, and we will discover how old and tall is Shaun White? His net worth in 2022 will also be discussed below. 

How Old Is Shaun White?

The renowned snowboarder was born on September 3, 1986. He is 35 years old and will turn a year older in a couple of months.

The first time he competed in the Winter Olympics, he was only 19 years old. He is a snowboarder that was quickly recognized by everyone due to her red hair. He was called the Flying Tomato during the 2006 games.

How Tall Is Shaun White?

The gold medalist has a height of 5 feet and 8 inches tall. It also means that he stands about 173 centimeters. His size is complemented by his average body type weighing about 70 kilograms.

How Much Is Shaun White’s Net Worth In 2022?

The net worth of the Flying Tomato as of 2022 is estimated to be around 65 million dollars. Based on the reports, the salary of the snowboarder can get up to 10 million dollars per year.

Having such a staggering net worth is an excellent achievement for the athlete. In fact, it makes him the wealthiest snowboarder in the world.

The skateboarding and snowboarding champ has amassed this whopping net worth for about 30 years of dedication to the sport. It is also because he could attract endorsement deals and sponsors after winning the record.

How rich is  Shaun White? Let's know about his net worth.
Shaun White by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff licensed under CC BY 2.0

He was only seven years old when he landed his first ever sponsorship from Burton Snowboards. As estimated by Forbes, the sports champ earned about 9 million dollars in a year for all of his endorsement deals. Each deal can earn him up to 2 million dollars.

Other than hid deals with unique brands such as Target, Oakley, and Burton, his net worth consists of his earnings in some other ventures such as video games, acting, and more.

It’s A Wrap!

Finally, you get to know how old and tall is Shaun White. His net worth in 2022 was also discussed above, so you better understand how much success and fortune he is savoring right now for his years of hard work in the sport of snowboarding and skateboarding.

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