What's Shaun White's Educational Background? Did He Go College?

We know Shaun White as the legendary professional skateboarder and snowboarder who received three gold medals in Olympics. He has set a new record.

But more than that, he has been an inspiration to many. The story of how he started training when he was only nine years old until he became a pro at the age of 13 was something all boarders look up to. 

What's Shaun White's Educational Background? Is he graduate?
Shaun White by bfishadow licensed under CC BY 2.0

Furthermore, he is seen by the world as a prodigy. Imagine he won his first-ever Olympic gold when he was only 19. His hard work and perseverance in training have been fruitful. 

Since he succeeded early, many of you may be wondering about his schooling. Today, we will talk about what’s Shaun White educational background. Later on, you will find out whether or not he went to college. I don’t want to keep you waiting, so let us get started right away. 

Shaun White Educational Background

It is an understatement to say that the prodigy’s childhood is unconventional. When other children learn to write their names, he is training to develop his signature trick – the Double McTwist 1260. 

He went to Torrey Pines High School for a short time before moving to Carlsbad High School. This is where he graduated. Although he is extroverted when it comes to the slopes, he seems shy at school.

He admitted on a talk show that school has not been easy for him. Kids can be harsh at him, assuming that he is up or jerk, for he has traveled the world despite being young. 

Shaun White Education. Did he attend collage?
Shaun White by Veronica Belmont licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Accordingly, the school he graduated from has a good reputation for producing incredible athletes. The professional snowboarder is not the only athlete who made it to the Olympics from Carlsbad. Other Olympic gold medalists, including Lauren Fendrick and Staciana Stitts. 

Some other alumni of the institution include Robert Stromberg, a film and art director, Sal Masekela, a commentator, and Chad Butler, the drummer of Switchfoot. 

Did He Go College?

The legendary skateboarder did not attend college. The reason was simple. He was too busy in his professional career that he no longer had the time to continue his studies. 

Most people cannot even imagine how he managed to graduate from high school in California, given that he has been in snowboarding competitions most of the time. Despite being busy traveling, training, and competing, he was still able to attend school. 

Is He Planning To Go To College?

Is Shaun White Planning To Go To College?
Shaun White by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff licensed under CC BY 2.0

Although the snowboarder has no record in any colleges, there is recent speculation regarding the star giving a further shot to his education. Some sources say that he will be attending the California State University of San Marcos. 

It’s A Wrap!

The prodigy has shown the world his capabilities. Although most of his fans are well-informed about his achievements in athletics, they know only a little about his educational attainments. 

Hopefully, we have provided you with sufficient details about what’s Shaun White’s educational background. Thank you for reading!

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