How Old and Tall is Sheryl Crow? Her Sexuality, Parents, and Siblings

Are you a fan of listening to some good ol’ country songs? If so, then you must have already heard of the iconic and multi-award winning songstress Sheryl Crow.

With 50 million albums sold worldwide, she has been rightfully named by Billboard as the 5th Greatest Alternative Artist of All Time.

Let's see Sheryl Crow's age, height, parents, siblings and sexuality details.
Sheryl Crow by Raph_PH licensed under CC BY 2.0

Needless to say, she’s been phenomenal at what she does, and even after 35 years since her career took off, Sheryl is still pulling off impressive feats.

Come with us as we learn more about the If It Makes You Happy hitmaker, Sheryl Crow!

What is Sheryl Crow’s Age?

Last February 11, Sheryl Crow officially celebrated her diamond jubilee as she turned 60 years old.

Sheryl’s six-decade existence has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride; she left her career as a music teacher to work as Michael Jackson’s backup singer, got diagnosed with breast cancer, adopted two adorable boys, and had a very tumultuous love life.

Now, Sheryl is ready to leave it all in the past and start living her life in a slower pace – but she’s doing it in baby steps. Sheryl recently announced that she will no longer be making albums. She does, however, want to keep touring.

We’ll do the biggest part of our touring this summer, some dates with Chris Stapleton and some out on our own…My boys love touring and until they get to the point where they want to be home, we’ll keep going out.”

What is Sheryl Crow’s Height?

There are thousands of celebrities out there who are in-denial about their true height, and Sheryl Crow seems to be one of them. The singer frequently asserts that she is 5ft4 despite multiple sources telling that she’s one or two inches shorter than that.

In essence, it can be estimated that Sheryl Crow’s actual height may be somewhere between 5ft3 to 5ft2, or 159.4cm to 161cm.

What is Sheryl Crow’s Height? How tall is she?
Sheryl Crow by Anirudh Koul licensed under CC BY 2.0

Commenting on her height, Sheryl Crow said:

I could run a marathon in a pair of Yves Saint Laurent heels – you learn to adapt when you’re just under 5ft 4in. My height has never bothered me, but people think I’m taller because of the smoke and mirrors on stage. ‘You’re so short, Sheryl,’ people often say when they first meet me. ‘Yes,’ I reply, ‘I’m aware.’”

Is Sheryl Crow Gay?

The ever-politically-engaged Sheryl Crow has always been an ally of the LGBTQ+ community. Ironically, though, this may have led some people to think that she may be gay as well. 

In fact, a polling website intended for public users to rate the ‘gayness’ of a celebrity showed that 52% of their voters think that Sheryl is gay. It then backpeddals by saying that the average rating in the site is 69%, so that makes Sheryl ‘straighter’ than other celebrities.

It also cited that the reason why people think she’s heterosexual is her extensive dating history filled with talented men – and men alone. 

To settle things once and for all, Sheryl Crow has not publicly confirmed her sexual orientation and/or gender identity. So, unless she comes out and personally discloses this sensitive information about herself, speculations about her sexuality remain a hearsay. 

Who are Sheryl Crow’s Parents and Siblings?

When all else fails, family’s always got your back. This is especially true when it comes to Sheryl Crow’s super supportive parents, Bernice and Wendell Crow.

Who are Sheryl Crow’s Parents and Siblings? Let's know about them.
Sheryl Crow by Zach Catanzareti Photo licensed under CC BY 2.0

They were the ones who introduced Sheryl to the world of music and gave her the guidance she needed. That is why she has developed an incredibly strong bond with both her mom and dad.

They were there during the ups and lows, and now that Sheryl has achieved her dreams, they couldn’t be any prouder. 

When asked what advice she has always given to her superstar daughter, Bernice said:

Always do the very best you can at what you’re doing. And I think she definitely does that. I don’t know whether I had a part in that or not. I’d like to think so.”

Meanwhile, Sheryl also has three siblings:

  • Kathy Crow
  • Karen Crow
  • Steven Crow

Both sisters are older than Sheryl while Steven is the baby boy of the family (well, apart from the fact that he’s already an adult).

Although Sheryl and her siblings don’t show their affections in public as often as Sheryl and her parents do, we’d like to think that they still have a very close relationship. 

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