How Old and Tall is Suga from BTS? His Parents and Siblings

Whether you know him as the hardcore rapper Agust D or the multitalented producer, songwriter, and dancer Suga of BTS, there’s no denying that Min Yoongi is one of the most successful artists in the entire music industry today.

And now that he’s spreading his wings as a solo artist with the hiatus of BTS, more and more fans from all over the world are interested in getting to know more about Suga. 

Suga from BTS age, height, parents and siblings' details.
Suga by Min Kyung-bin for Dispatch licensed under CC BY 3.0

This time, however, let’s put those impressive career achievements aside for a second and focus on the more personal side of Suga’s life – his age, height, and family members. So, if you’re interested in learning more, keep reading!

What is BTS Suga’s Age?

On March 9, 1993, Min Yoongi, who is best known for his stage name Suga, was born to two South Korean parents in Buk District, Daegu. That currently makes him 29 years of age, making him a year overdue for his mandatory military service.

But he’s not alone, though, as the band’s oldest member Jin is also turning 30 this year. It remains unclear whether or not the members of BTS are exempted from military enlistment but their fans sure are hoping so!

So much for that, Suga was only 17 years old when he joined BigHit Entertainment, which would later put him in a boy group that we all know and love. However, this wasn’t exactly what Suga signed up for when he joined the entertainment company.

Bang Si-Hyuk, the CEO of BigHit Entertainment, promised Suga that he wouldn’t have to do dance performances for the band and that he’d only be rapping. Suga revealed:

He told me I’d be in a [hip-hop] group like 1TYM. He said I wouldn’t have to dance, only groove a little. He said all I’d have to do is focus on rapping.”

But, as we now know, that was all a lie. Still, Suga decided to push through ahd debuted with BTS at age 20.

What is BTS Suga’s Height?

Despite being the second oldest member of the band, Suga’s height has made it look like he’s part of the maknae line. Indeed, he’s actually the second shortest member of BTS, just before Jimin. According to sources, Suga is around 5’9’’ tall or 1.74m. 

What is BTS Suga’s Height? How tall is he?
Suga by Dispatch licensed under CC BY 3.0

In all fairness to Suga, he’s actually slightly above the average height of South Korean men, which is just 1.72m or 5’8’’ tall. 

Who are BTS Suga’s Parents and Siblings?

As expected, not much is known about Suga’s parents. But although their identities remain hidden from the public, but there’s one thing fans do know about them: they weren’t supportive of Suga at the start of his career. Suga reportedly said according to Koreaboo: 

They strongly opposed it for about half a year. My father is a very strict person and since my parents suffered a lot, they didn’t want their own children to suffer too. They wanted their children to become civil servants and live stable lives.”

Who are BTS Suga’s Parents and Siblings? Let's know about them.
Suga by News in Star licensed under CC BY 3.0

Suga has opened up about his family background several times before and mentioned that they weren’t well-off. In fact, there were times when they struggled financially. That is why Suga understood why they were skeptical of his career choice. He said:

My parents didn’t understand rap. They are a generation apart from myself, and they never listened to rap; it wasn’t part of the music that they listened to. So it’s only natural they were against what I was doing. And, of course, being a musician is a very unstable profession as well. So I can understand perfectly why my parents were against what I was doing. But I think that motivated me or helped me work harder because there was something that I now had to prove. I had to show my parents it was possible. So it drove and motivated me to work even harder.”

As to whether or not Suga has a sibling, sources claim that he is the youngest in the family, and that the name of his older brother is Min Junki. He often posts pictures with his superstar brother on Instagram,

which suggests that the Min brothers are very close!

So, there you have it. Now you know everything there is to know about Suga’s age, height, parents, and siblings. What else would you want to know more about Suga? Let us know in the comments below!

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