The Weeknd Girlfriend 2022| Who's The Weeknd Dating Partner?

The superstar has never kept his relationship private. He has been proud of his dating list consisting of the biggest names. For several years, he and Bella Hadid have been together.

But now that they decided to separate ways, fans are wondering if the recording artist has already moved on from the supermodel.

Who's The Weeknd Girlfriend and dating partner?
The Weeknd By Nicolas Padovani Licensed under CC BY 2.0

Many have been wondering who’s The Weeknd dating partner is. We have researched this and asked the most reliable sources to find out as much information as we could, and today we are ready to share this with you.

Keep reading and find out about The Weeknd girlfriend 2022!

Who Is The Weeknd Girlfriend?

There have been some rumors that the famous music artist is currently dating Simi Khadra, the close friend of Bella Hadid, his ex-girlfriend. They were seen together at his birthday party in Las Vegas. Later on, there is a video of the two kissing. They were also seen having dinner together.

However, a source strongly claimed against the two dating and said they are only friends. The friendship has been quite long. Plus, this speculation surfaced just a couple of months after the issue of the Blinding Lights singer dating Angelina Jolie.

Who Is The Weeknd Ex-Girlfriend? Was he dating  Angelina Jolie?
Angelina Jolie
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The actress was also spotted having a romantic dinner with the famous singer. They spent a few hours in that restaurant and left in one SUV.

Who Is The Weeknd Dating Partner?

As of the moment, the famous musician has no confirmation of him dating anyone. But the fans strongly claim that he is together with Angelina Jolie.

Although it is unlikely at first, the fans have been in turmoil after spotting the two having dinner dates several times. 

The Weeknd’s Dating History

In 2015, the international singing sensation dated Bella Hadid. After a few encounters, the two found out that they are clicked.

However, they split up several times due to their busy schedules, which has tainted their relationship. It has been challenging for them to make it work at that time. But they have not cut their ties totally.

In 2016, they were back together again and shared the red carpet of the Grammy Awards night. This is when the singer has taken two awards. But after a few months, they split again due to the same reason.

The Weeknd's Dating History. Was The Weeknd dating Bella Hadid?
Bella Hadid by Danilo Lauria licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

According to a source, the recording artist was too focused on his album, and it has affected their relationship.

Other than Bella Hadid, he has also been linked to a few other ladies in the entertainment industry. This includes the international singers Selena Gomez and Rosalía.

Furthermore, she has dated a few different models, including Yovanna Ventura and Chantel Jeffries. Some of them are confirmed by the singer, while others are rumored flings only.

It’s A Wrap!

Now, you know that The Weeknd girlfriend 2022 is not identified yet. Maybe he is busy making music and connecting with friends. Or he simply wants to keep it private this time.

We never know unless he confirms himself that the dating rumor with Angelina Jolie is true. The fans would love to know!

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